Gryphon Plaque Picture

Gryphons, (griffin/griffon) mythological beasts commonly depicted as having the head, forelegs, talons and wings of an eagle, and the hindquarters, tail and occasionally the ears of a lion, to indicate that they combine intelligence and strength. They have been known for centuries as symbols of power and vigilance, and have been called The Hounds of Zeus. In some mythologies, they represent the wealth of the sun. In others, they are said to have hoards of fabulous treasure, which they guard endlessly. The gryphon depicted upon this plaque may be regarded as a noble creature, possessed of strength and grace, a symbol of good fortune, health and long life. This is a series of 200 lost wax bronze measuring 8 in. long, 5 in. wide and stands 8.25 in. high on the hand made wrought iron display easel, that comes supplied with the piece. Name: Gryphon Plaque - Weight: 3.5lbs. - Price: $275.00
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