DnD Solar System Picture

The solar system for my DnD Campaign. Most of it isn't really that important and is just for flavor, but flavor is kinda fun when one is bored.

At the far left are the Day Sun and the Night Sun, the latter actually being a black hole. The two "stars" orbit each other, causing an eclipse on the planet Dirt every seventeen hours, or every seventeen days should one stay in the same time zone. The desert dwellers call the sun Ra and the black hole Nephthys, after the god and goddess of Day and Night of the now dead Empire (and also Egyptian Mythology, but that's a different universe entirely).

Following is the asteroid belt, resulting from the complete annihilation of the inner planet once the second star turned into a black hole. This explosion also allowed the rest of the solar system to restart. The desert dwellers refer to the asteroids as the Whispers of the Wind--a vain message from the gods incomprehensible to man.

The first planet is that of the campaign world--Dirt. A map of a small region can be found here: [link] The planet is orbited by the three moons, referred to by the desert dwellers as the Triplets of Time, the three offspring of Ra and Nephthys before their eternal feud, leaving their names to be forgotten by all time. They also help the desert dwellers tell the passing of years, as all seasons feel the same to them. In the belief of the Northern Dwarves (as opposed to the Southern), these three moons are the three original ancestors, bringing life to all on Dirt.

The second planet is a gas giant. A passing gleam in the night, it was only natural for those of Dirt to assume the traveling star was a god. The desert dwellers have deified the creators of the desert--the Dry Lich Molsa Vordante and the Wizard Mutahar. To them, Mutahar became a God of the Sand and Wind, but a bringer of Life, and so this planet was named in his honor.

The last planet is barely more than a giant rock, yet it reflects light enough to achieve godhood in the eyes of the desert dwellers, who have named it for the other creator of the desert--Molsa Vordante. Vordante is the Goddess of Sand and Wind, but the bringer of Death. For that, she lives on the edge of reality.

The rest of the universe is stars (with more planets that they do not have the technology to see), but the desert dwellers believe these stars to be the souls of the lost, looking for a way home.

And of course, absolutely none of this is to scale.
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