Sunset's Halo Picture

Digital, Storm clouds, right before sunset. At this point the rain had moved out of my area for a bit, of course I ended up getting drenched again later.

t was believed that the Phoenix's song controlled the five tones of Chinese music. The song includes all five notes of the traditional Chinese musical scale; Western music theory labels the scale as the pentatonic scale consisting of five whole notes. In the time of Chou Muwang, Chou Dynasty, 1111-249 B.C., the Phoenix of Mount Chhi sang as a happy portent.

In Chinese mythology, the phoenix is represented by the Feng-huang which personifies the primordial force of the heavens. It was thought to be a gentle creature, alighting so gently that it crushed nothing, and ate only dewdrops. The Feng does not exist in nature, it is the mythical bird of fire and represents the Confucian virtues of loyalty, honesty, decorum and justice.

The Feng originated from fire being born in the "Hill of the Sun's Halo". Its plumage blends the five fundamental colours: black, white, red, green, and yellow. The song of the bird is the harmony of the five notes. Symbolizing the Five Cardinal Virtues; "Its colour delights the eye, its comb expresses righteousness, its tongue utters sincerity, its voice chants melody, its ear enjoys music, its heart conforms to regulations, its breast contains the treasures of literature, and its spurs are powerful against transgressors" .

It's flight represents the capacity to leave the world and its problems behind, flying towards the sun in clear pure skies. It carries in its bill either two scrolls or a square box that contains sacred books. The Feng appears only in peaceful and prosperous times, and hides itself when there is trouble. Therefore, the Feng is both a sign of peace and a symbol of disharmony.

The male phoenix is named "phuong" and is the yang, solar, fire bird, but as the female "huang" it is feminine, yin, and lunar. The feminine aspect, denotes beauty, delicacy of feeling, and peace. The Feng and the Huang together, symbolize everlasting love. As a bridal symbol signifying "inseparable fellowship." The Feng symbolizes a duality, the yin-yang, mutual interdependence in the universe.

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