Amaterasu Picture

This was a community project for studio 18. The idea was to create a mural that a bunch of people around the community to help and pitch in. so everyone got a small square like the one above, and got to do virtually whatever the wanted with it as long as it followed a few guidelines. Since I'm obsessed with mythology , and research Japanese mythology. I loved the story of Amaterasu (Japanese Shinto Sun goddess) so I did as best as i could with my vague brushes and great efforts. In this particular shot of her, her brother (banished into the underworld) escaped and gained power. He fought her, and she became afraid of him so she hid in a cave that concealed all her light bringing darkness so the world. Although she is a strong woman, I wanted to painted in a vulnerable state. She was really scared of her brother wasnt she? To show it I drew her as a scared child
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