Demigods Picture

All characters save two from my Greek Mythology roleplaying group, this time including mine. I wrote their names above each in the (closest) Ancient Greek alphabetical equivalent.

From left to right we have Lanthanon, cheerful and unkempt son of Poseidon (god of the sea). He’s still trying to figure out life on land, and I’m stilling trying to figure out how to draw him properly. I guess we’ll both have to work on it.

Then there’s Calvin, Apollo’s (god of male beauty, the arts, and the sun) son and artistic French-boy. He loves to paint and has mild telepathic/telekinetic abilities he’s yet to discover. I draw him better straight on rather than at an angle, and I couldn't think of ANYTHING good for him to wear, but if I don’t ever try I won’t ever get better.

Ryan! He’s tough and hardy, very quiet and contemplative. He’s also seven feet tall O.o I’m very very proud of his scars this time around, though he looks a little too happy. I guess Aphrodite’s (goddess of love and beauty) son is in a cheerful mood now
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