Rajani Soleil Picture

This actually looks crappier than what I usually draw. I was trying to draw the base in a new technique. It didn't work. Sorry. She looks better farther away. So you don't have to burn your eyes up close.


This is Rajani Soleil.
Rajani (the name) is a Hindu God meaning 'Dark One'.
Soleil is French for sun.

In OC:
Rajani is a college student in Chicago, Illinois. In her spring semester weird things start happening to her. She has reoccurring dreams, an interesting book shows up, she has a stalker, and much more.

She is the reincarnate of the son god and this will be her outfit in Cosme (made up). Isme, who is also known as Demeter in Greek mythology, personally sew this outfit together for Ranaji.

FUN: Rajani was male in her god life.

Her girlfriend is Irene. Whom i am contemplating on drawing.

I like making new characters for different stories.
"Nobodies, Gods, and Messengers" is actually my originality. BE PROUD OF ME!
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