Alunsina Picture

There was a legend about the rain printed in a story book during my childhood. I've long lost my copy, and have yet to find another one. Sadly, there's much reason to believe that the book is now out of print.

The story centers around Tungkung Langit and Alunsina. They are primordial deities in Philippine mythology. Tungkung Langit, in showing his devotion to his spouse, Alunsina, created the Sun and the Moon for her. He sought to her every comfort, that she may need of nothing. In her boredom, he made Time. In stillness, he brought her Thunder and Lighting. In the emptiness, he wrought out planets and Stars in her name.

But Alunsina also wished to create. And one day, Tungkung Langit came home and found no warm hearth, nor sup or comfort. Alunsina had disappeared.

Time rolled on, Tungkung Langit sought for his beloved in vast cosmos of the universe, but found no goddess. Until one day, hidden behind a curtain of clouds, he found in the joy of her own creation, Alunsina. About her was the earth, the mountains and trees, the birds, the beasts, the flowers and seas. And she continued to make as to her liking.

Tungkung Langit called her back to their old home, but she refused and continued on creating. He pealed back the clouds to brighten her earth with sun and moon and stars, but still she will not go back to the heavens. Her shouted from the sky with thunder and lightning, but she will not go back to her former life.

Now, if he wanted to visit his former wife, Tungkung Langit had to turn into rain - rain that watered the earth created by his love, Alunsina.


Watercolor is not my friend. But practice makes perfect. And though I'm far from satisfied with this piece, the experience taught a number of lessons; water color is difficult to befriend. Ugh.
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