Sunshine and the Baby Pheonix Picture

I couldn't really sleep last night (what a shocker), so I decided that I'd draw... something. I didn't know what, just something. Then the image of Sunshine staring down at a little baby pheonix randomly sprang to mind, and it just spiraled out of control from there...
There really isn't a ton going on in this image, although I would like to say that it still says something about Sunshine's character. You see, I imagine that she is not only happy and bubbly, but also very curious and adventurous, always exploring, getting lost, and looking for something new. The excitement of adventure and discovery is what pushes the little solar dragoness forward, as well as the constant desire to simply have fun and make new friends. Sunshine is a very social, fun-loving dragon, after all.
I wasn't actually sure what she could be staring down at, but I eventually decided that it would be a pheonix chick. Putting more thought into it, I actually find it to be a very nice little connection. Sunshine is a solar dragon, "sol" is the sun, and the sun is essentially a ball of fire, like any other star. A pheonix is a mythological bird cloaked in flames, with powers of fire and light. It just makes sense.
And to fill up space, I drew the mother (or perhaps father?) peeking in on the two to make sure that the little chick doesn't get hurt. After all, sometimes encounters between dragons and not only pheonixes, but anything, don't end that well at all...
Oh, yes, and sorry about the uncreative meadow-and-sky background. It's just that whenever I can't really think of a background, I just do some green grass, a blue sky, and a little sun somewhere. It's simple, practical, and fairly nice-looking. Don't worry, however, for I'll try something a bit more creative next time!

Sunshine the Solar Dragoness belongs to me.
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