The Creation of Ami and Depo, page 5 Picture

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Page 5:

For a time, Ami and Depo rested on the Sun and Moon, respectively. However, Ami wished for more Order, and enlisted Depo's help.

"Depo," Ami said with a smile filled with Sun's warmth. "I wish to continue Order on Earth, but I cannot do it alone. Since you created Order with me for Earth to form, I will cater to what you wish to see on Earth and will help you create it."

Unknown to Ami, her smile had charmed Depo, with the warmth that contrasted with the Moon's coldness.

"Well," Depo started, "A pocket of your Sun's warmth should exist."
"Then I will drop dew from the Sun and create it." Ami replied.
"A lock of your hair should lay on the surface." Depo said.
"Then, I will create it. I will chop a lock of my hair, and lay it on the surface." Said Ami.
"A clipping of your nail should be buried into the ground and allowed to grow."
"What a strange request! But I will create it." Ami laughed.
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