Ode to Bast Picture

Bast was a very important Egyptian goddess; she's been around since before 2000 BCE and was worshiped throughout Egyptian antiquity as well as by some in the present. This painting is in her honor. It features the goddess holding a sistrum - a musical instrument- in her right hand and the Ankh in her left. She's got several cats around her which were one of her symbols as well as the floor covered in painted Bast likenesses. There are several large jars against the wall- each with the head of Bast as the lid and each inscribed beautifully with hieroglyphics. On the wall you can see her in her more fierce form- as a lioness roaring in front of the sun. Since she was also seen as one of the eyes of Ra- the sun god the sun was also one of her symbols. Next to the entranceway to the temple is a beautiful vase containing several blooming Papyrus flowers.
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