Day Three: Dokkalfa Picture

Note: I drew this yesterday, on the day of the challenge, but I never saved and uploaded it (I ended up being busy). I wanted to add a background, but I didn't want to stray from the challenge perimeters. That's why this image doesn't have a background.

The challenge for day three was to draw a monster that represented evil--essentially the opposite of yesterday. I decided to look around the internet at various mythological creatures, and stumbled upon this one, which sounded both dark and interesting enough for the challenge.

Overall, I'm really happy with myself on this one. I've never drawn creatures that have in-human proportions (large shoulders, hunched over, non-oval faces), and I feel as though this turned out nicely all things considered. I also tried adding a little more detail in the color scheme as well. I've decided that I'm happy with my shading technique that I've figured out (and I'm planning on improving it as I continue this challenge), but I'm also deciding to dedicate this challenge to adding more to the color schemes. I want to add more color-based detail, not only line-art detail. We'll see how that goes.

"In Norse mythology, Dökkálfar (Old Norse "Dark Elves", singular Dökkálfr) and Ljósálfar (Old Norse "Light Elves", singular Ljósálfr) are two contrasting types of elves; the prior dwell within the earth and are most swarthy, while the latter live in Álfheimr, located in heaven, and are 'fairer than the sun to look at'.
High says that the Ljósálfar live in Álfheimr, while the Dökkálfar dwell underground and look—and particularly behave—quite unlike the Ljósálfar. High describes the Ljósálfar as 'fairer than the sun to look at', while the Dökkálfar are 'blacker than pitch'."

Note: I took some creative freedom with this one, since there weren't any pictures that I could find of these creatures. I figured that, even though they were technically "dark elves", they would be more troll-like considering their confinement underground. Also, I decided to yellow the eyes and give them the appearance of blind-ness. However, I kept the elvish ear shape and the ability to use magic to tie them to their elven roots.

Made in: FireAlpaca (w/ Tablet)
Time Taken: 2+ hours

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