Nut And Geb Picture

The great star crossed lovers of Kemetic (Greek: Egyptian) mythology.

Nut, the sky, was sister/wife to Geb, the earth, as is wont to happen in myth, it seems. They apparently couldn't keep their hands off each other, and were always "imbracing" wink wink nudge nudge cough cough chuckle chuckle. Finally, Ra, the sun god, enlisted the help of Shu, the air and Nut and Geb's father, to keep them apart so that all the living things weren't forever crushed in their "imbrace". He also got tired of all the kids and said that Nut couldn't have any children in any of the (then) 360 days of the year. This raised all sorts of hell, so Tehuti (Greek: Thoth), the ibis headed god of wisdom, took some light from the moon, which used to be as bright as the sun, and created five more days for the year and for Nut to give birth to her five kids, Ausar (Greek: Osiris), Auset (Isis), Nebt-Het (Nepthys), and in some stories, Heru (Horus) ((even though mostly he's Auset and Ausar's son)).

And that is the gripping story. The fault, dear readers, lies not in their stars. But in their constant "imbracing". I think, if they gave it a rest some time, the consequences would not have been so dire.
I seriously love the Kemetic gods, though. I have to draw them more often.

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