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In Nordic mythology a part of the underworld, called Niflheim, was ruled by Hel. This was from some perspective the opposite of Valhalla, where the heroic fighters came when they died. In Niflheim, the least heroic humans came, that is, women and children, who didn't get an opportunity to prove themselves in battle.
Hel was the daughter of the trickster Loki (or Loke, as he's called in Swedish). Her appearance is described in many ways, but the main feature is her face being divided in two parts. One of a beautiful young woman, and the other as an old crone. I have however heard that the other part was a scull, but it doesn't matter.
Now, she looks a little pale, but suppose that you don't get much sun down in the underworld and dealing with dead person's souls all day long can't be healthy either.

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