Helios Picture

I wanted to do something bright and cheery and Helios was the result.
In Greek mythology the sun was personified as Hêlios or Helius, as it is commonly spelt in English (Greek Ἥλιος / ἥλιος "sun"). Homer often calls him Titan and Hyperion.

He was a son of the Titans Hyperion and Theia and brother of the goddesses Selene the moon and Eos the dawn.

While Heracles traveled to Erytheia to retrieve the cattle of Geryon, he crossed the Libyan desert and was so frustrated at the heat that he shot an arrow at Helios, the sun. Helios begged him to stop and Heracles demanded the golden cup which Helios used to sail across the sea every night, from the west to the east. Heracles used this golden cup to reach Erytheia.

In the story told in the hall of Alcinous in the Odyssey (viii.300ff), Aphrodite, the consort of Hephaestus sacretly bedded Ares. Helios, lord of the sun, spied on them and told Hephaestus who ensnared the the two lovers in nets invisibly fine, to punish them.

By the Oceanid Perse Helios became the father of Aeëtes, Circe, and Pasiphae. His other children are Phaethusa ("radiant") and Lampetia ("shining") and Phaeton

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