The Lightbringer Picture

This is a watercolor finished on 3-11-2004. 12x9 120lb cold pressed paper

My conception was that I think often we associate the sun with male entities. Be it Apollo or the actual Lightbringer. I thought, what if she was female and twins with the moon. Which is the next painting I will post.

I thought her hair might be neat in large curls rising up like flames. A ball of energy flaming in her hand, but not in the expected manner of drawing. Traditional bell sleeves on her clothing to give a more traditionally mythological view. Everything about her bright and on fire, including the background of the sun in it’s many shades.

I still hadn’t grasped how to use the water color pencils just right yet so it is need of a lot of improvement. I’ve also noticed that a lot of detail is missing from my photographs of my pieces. I need to learn how to photograph them better, I guess. So any suggestions there are welcome as well.
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