Amatersu Oukami-Ikimas Picture

"Amaterasu Ou-kami" = "Great Diety of Illuminating Light"

The Japanese sun goddess, Amaterasu. A living embodiment of Yin, her light is supposed to be the life force that warms the world. But for an omniamorous (all-loving) entitiy, she is surprisingly ruthless.

Every spirit and demon on Earth knows about the Ho no Amaterasu Ou-kami, (literally "Flames from the Great Diety of Illuminating light). It is a searing fire so hot that is incinerates metal, bone, wood, stone.. nything that gets in its way. The Fire of Amaterasu is one of the most powerful weapons imginable against demons; think of it as a source of heat strait from the sun itself. THAT'S hot.

The Oukami, wolf-like spirits composed completely of Amaterasu's Fire, are the personal warriors of the Goddess. They burn through anything to achive her ends. Worse yet, there is an infinite supply of these creatures; Amaterasu can conjure them from nothing in the blink of an eye. For the record, wolves are highly renowned animals in Japanese mythology. The word for wolf is "Oukami", which comes from:
Ou = "great, king, powerful, etc.."
Kami = "diety, spirit, god, etc..."

So "Oukami" is literally "the great god/spirit". Just a little linguistic lesson for you.
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