Tsuki Chan Picture

What's in a name?

Tsuki means Moon in Japanese (Sue-kee)
I use Tsuki a lot for my Female charaters.
If my female charater is named Tsuki then she'll ususaly have a twin bother named Taiyou Which means Sun (thai-yo)

The significance of the names comes from both Japanese Shinto Mythology and Wiccan/Pagan Mythology

In Wiccan/Pagan Mythology there is the Goddess and Consort, the two highest deities and they are Lovers/ Partners.
The Goddess is the Goddess of the moon and the Consort is the God of the sun.

In Japanese Shinto Mythology the Sun Deity is the Goddess Amaterasu and the Moon Deity is the God Tsukiyumi
and these deities are siblings

so I have my girl charater named moon and the guy named sun drawing from the Wiccan/Pagan Mythology, Western Mythology
and I have them be siblings Drawing from the Japanese Shinto Mythology, Eastern Mythology
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