Ragnarok Picture

My exam project in Art.
(This project has roots in norse mythology, and several translations has been done of that mythology.
So some things you might believe is incorrect about the mythology.)


Metal wire.
Fimo clay


A tree in the center, which is Yggdrassil, the Tree of Life. It is standing in a winter landscape with shattered pieces of a mirror around one of Yggdrassil's roots which is the root leading to helheim, the underworld.
The dragon, Nidhug, is gnawing in this root.
There are 2 wolves jumping around the tree. The one with a bigger furcoat is Sköll, the wolf that eats the sun, and the other is Haté, the wolf that eats the moon. (These wolves are both son of Fenris, who is the son of Loki)
Inside Sköll, there is a flashlight to symbolize the sun, and inside Haté there is a moon formed out of glow-in-the-dark fimo clay.


"Ragnarok" actually means "the destruction of the gods", but this sculpture focuses on both the destruction of life itself, and the beginning of Ragnarok. Sköll and Haté eats the sun and moon, which causes a period of 3 years with no summers to start, before the war breaks out. and Nidhug's gnawing on the root is part of the tree's fall.
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