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[] You'd rather be pale than tan.
[] You Like to eat or drink red things.
[] You're lustful/sexual.
[x] When you're kissing Someone, you tend to bite them.
[] You're dark, mysterious, and seductive.
[/] You've tasted your own blood before and liked It.
[/] Being Out In The Sun Too Long Makes You Feel Weak. [more like wOW TOO WARM]
[] You're graceful, lithe, and can appear threatening or dangerous to others.
[] You have incredible charm and can get people to do nearly anything. [honestly that depends on the person, and their view of me. i'm pretty sure it's the same for most people, yo.]
[] You're more active at night.

Total: 2


[] You're Incredibly lustful/sexual.
[] Sex Is Almost Always On Your Mind.
[] You Could Make Someone Fall Completely In love With You By Merely Kissing Them.
[x] You're Not A Virgin.
[] You Burn Through Lovers Quickly.
[] You Can Make Love With Someone And Drop Them In The Same Breath.
[] If You Don't "Feed" Your Lust, You Go Insane.
[] You Have Strong Nails.
[] You Could Get Nearly Anyone You Want.

Total: 1


[] You have a bad temper
[] You're incredibly physically strong and fast.
[x] You Love The Moon. [that shit is fuckin beautiful okay]
[] You're Very Loyal.
[] If You Love Someone, You'll Do Whatever You Possibly Can To Protect Them.
[] You Would Go On A Devastating Rampage Should Your Loved Ones Be Harmed. [still too chill for that shit]
[x] You Like Dogs.
[] You're fairly Sturdy in stature.
[x] You're Either A Good Leader Or A Solitary Person. [good leader, when i eventually decide to lead.]
[x] You Have A Hard Time Controlling Yourself Half Of The Time. [yeeeAH but not in an aggro way man just like...would i rather do this thing now so i feel better even if ill regret it, or not do it and feel shitty but better later? and then i do it then and there because i dont know how to look ahead]

Total: 4


[x] You Like cats.
[] You're lithe and agile.
[] You could fall off of anything and always land on your feet. [i fuckin wish]
[] You Like Gymnastics.
[] You Love To Eat Seafood.
[x] You're Affectionate And Cozy.
[] If Someone Is Able To Sneak Up On You And Startle You, You Jump Up Or Swat At Them.
[] You Like Yarn.
[] You Like Chasing Things.
[] You're An Excellent Hunter/Fighter.



[] You're An Outcast.
[] You Feel As If You're Not Truly Alive.
[] You'll Moan When You're Hurt Rather Than Scream Or Cry.
[] You Tend To Zone Out.
[x] You Don't Feel Very Smart.
[] You Like Worms.
[] You Like Taking Things Slowly.
[] You Like Odd Foods.
[x] You Prefer To Suffer In Silence.
[x] You Don't Get Much Sleep

Total: 3


[] You're Invisible. [how the FUCK can anyone even tick that]
[] You Have An Oddly Eerie Presence.
[] You Can Send Chills Down A Person's Spine Just By Looking At Them.
[] You Have Messy Hair That Is Partially/Completely In Your Face.
[] You're Incredibly Gentle.
[] You're Very Shy Around Someone You Find Attractive.
[] You Tend To Simply Disappear When No One's Looking.
[] You Enjoy Scaring People.
[x] You Like The Indoors.
[] You Are Deeply Connected To The Ones You Love No Matter What Happens.

Total: 1


[] You Will Eat Just About Anything.
[] You Like To Attack People Verbally Or Physically
[x] You Are Thrilled If You Can Make Someone Bleed. [thats more like a 'holy fuck look what i did' thing im not some kinda fuckin sociopath]
[] You Wouldn't Care If You Hurt Someone As Long As You Can Get What You Want From Them.
[] You Like Stalking People.
[] You Find It Fun To Crawl Into Tight, Small, Cramped, Dirty Spaces.
[] You Get Hungry Easily.
[] You Like Torture
[] You live to hurt people.
[] You Like The Idea Of Being Insane. [no, and im pretty sure if you ever tick this box you're a pretentious fuck.]

Total: 1


[/] You're Interested in Wicca/Paganism.
[] You Like Magical Objects.
[] You Believe In Magic.
[] You Perform Odd Rituals On A Daily Basis.
[] People Find You Intolerably Cruel.
[/] You enjoy manipulating people.
[] You Feel Deeply In Touch With Nature.
[/] You Love Black Ravens.
[] You Practice Voodoo.
[x] You Tend To Laugh Hysterically.

Total: 2.5


[x] You Have Different Personalities. [so does the rest of the fuckin world]
[] Your Style Could Change From Goth To Preppy In The Same Second.
[] You Have More Than One Lover
[] You're Unpredictable.
[] You Would Change Yourself Entirely To Fit In.
[] You Are Fond Of Many Different Things.
[] You Can Easily Get Out Of Trouble By Changing Your Demeanor.
[] You often say one thing and mean another
[x] You Like To Leave Your Clothes On The Floor After Taking Them Off.

Total: 2


[] You Have A Very Bad Temper.
[] You're Usually Angry.
[] You Have To Make Other People Miserable With Every Breath That You Take.
[] You Worship Satan.
[] You like Pentagrams.
[] You love to mess with people's heads.
[] You Could Do Just About Anything Bad To Someone And Feel Proud.
[] You Laugh When Other People Are Hurt.
[] Physically Harming Someone Turns You On.
[]You Respond To An Insult By Viciously Attacking The Other Person.

Total. 0


[] You're A Very Good Person.
[] You Take Care With Everything You Do.
[] You Can Be Extremely Serious.
[] You're Gentle And Kind To Even Your Worst Enemies.
[/] You Cannot Hold A Grudge Against Anyone.
[] You Would Gladly Endure Anything For The Sake Of The Ones You Love.
[] You're A Virgin.
[] People See You As Being Very Pure.
[] You Are Obedient And Follow Rules Without Question.
[] You Love, your lover and family without question and would die for them to protect them.

Total: 0.5


[] You Enchant People.
[] You Like Organic Things.
[/] You're Almost Always Smiling.
[/] You Love The World Around You.
[x] You Get Attached To Animals Easily.
[] You're A Walking-Talking Chick-Flick/Prince-Charming.
[] You Fall In Love Easily.
[/] You Don't HATE Anyone.
[/] You Have A Very Bright/Bubbly/Friendly Personality.
[] You like long hair.

Total: 2.5

yo im a werewolf

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