Spinner, Cutter, and Weaver Picture

Look! Clean lineart! That's a new one! 8D

Anyways, these characters of mine from a manga I'm currently working on. They needed love so I finally drew them outside the comic. These are my version of the three fates, but even the fates have a boss. I just didn't draw him. Each one of these people have something unique about them that makes them good at their job.

Spinner in the front does the obvious job of creating the strings of life. She lacks the emotion curiousity, so she never gets distracted from her job, or wonders what would happen if she makes your strand two different colors. She's also very mean and dangerous, so avoid making her angry.

Cutter is the one who decides how long you get to live. When your life is over, she hacks your string with her axe and poof, you die. She lacks the ability to love, so she never gets attached to anyone. If she could feel love we'd probably all be immortal right now. Even though she looks tough, she can't fight worth spit. An ant could kick her butt.

And my personal favorite, far in the background and speaking words of love...Weaver. Weaver can't feel pain, sympathy, or empathy. She's the one that decides if your life is good, bad, or somewhere in between. She'll have the same smile while giving you roses and everlasting love, or burning the flesh from your body a centimeter at a time and then throwing you in a blizzard naked. She's also got the emotional maturity of a ten year old, so you'd better hope Spinner makes your thread the color Weaver loves best at the moment.

Colored version coming sooner or later...probably later.
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