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Legends of Falandor is a new comic series that I have been working on for several months now. It is a series that takes place within multiple timelines, being past, present, and future, but is all steampunk themed. Most of the story takes place within a modern steampunk world called Eden, where unique people and creatures thrive in this strange fantasy universe of gears, airships, and never-ending adventure. However, not is all perfect. Peace cannot exist without chaos. The world is constantly threatened by sea and sky pirates, dragons, monsters, and a large uncanny cast of dangerous denizens that wish to see the world burn. Because of this very reason, the great guild of Falandor was created to protect the world.

The Guild of Falandor was founded by the nations of Eden. It is an organization that was meant to protect the known nations of the land. The Guild consists of monster hunters, explorers, bounty hunters, dragon slayers, and guardians of the many other-realms that exist within said universe. Each branch has its own similar purpose though, The Guild has no true master as it consists of volunteers whom represent the nations as a league of extraordinary champions, to protect the regions from dangerous threats. While much of the planet is mostly unexplored, it is inhabited by many known major races. These races are; Humans, Chiropterans, Cani, Dragons, Kobolds, Steam-Forged, Shadowkin, Werewolves, Regulan, Vampires, Cynderian, Chimera, Desphonox, and Titans. Each race is unique and holds their own position as part of The Guild.

Humans are the most versatile and common among Eden. They can be great swordsmen, powerful leaders, and have a very strong sense of survival. Alone they can be fairly strong, but they are practically unstoppable in larger numbers. Humans are the most persistent of the races. Often charging into the heat of battle and overcoming impossible odds. Their reckless behavior works in their favor when push comes to shove, rendering them the best when it comes to straightforward combat. They are the bulk of the Guild and have a great variety ranging from the art of swordsmanship, to the discipline of marksmanship. However, very few are able to harness the forces of nature without an element stone. What they lack in strength, they gain in cunning.

Then there are the Chiropteran. They are a race of bat like creatures that are as numerous as the humans. Chiropteran are cunning fighters, stealthy manipulative spies, experts in flight, and masters of navigation. Their inability to harness elemental power is made up for with their swift speed and ability to use echolocation or thermal sight. The Chiropteran are capable of living at incredible heights and are able to breathe the thinnest of air. Silent, and often very deadly, the Chiropteran are a force to be reckoned with. While many mostly dine on fruits and meat like anyone else, they are also capable of consuming raw foods and there are a very select special few who have the vampire gene, making them twice as fast, more cunning, and far stronger than an average chiropteran but, at the cost of a great price. A chiropteran with the vampire gene carries a fate far worse than death for they will become a constant threat to their friends, family, and anyone close to them. They will have a constant need to feed at least once every two weeks, or suffer a very slow and painful death. They are greatly feared in some regions, while highly praised for their incredible abilities in others. While clumsy on land, Chiropteran are graceful in the sky and make as the greatest companions and very powerful allies. They are also impeccable messengers and while few join the guild, those who do are perfect scouts and excellent bounty hunters.

The Cani race are dog like beings whom are the strongest of all races. They also have the highest variety among all others. A single Cani has the strength of a single Titan or that of 10 men. They are often referred as the dogs of war for their brute strength, and amazing skills in engineering. Capable of building incredible machines and great structures that can withstand even the mightiest of storms, yet as elegant as the setting suns. Their understanding of science and construction lead to the invention of gunpowder, airships, and mechanics such as sky runners and have made many powerful tools of both peace and war. The Cani are the tanks of the guild.

Steam-Forges are creations of the Cani, the souls of the dead, brought to life through the power of a soul crystal, powerful magic, and science, forever trapped within the bodies of machines. The Steam-Forged are the most unusual of races, in being that they were created. Anyone that has encountered a Steam-Forged will tell you, it was quite the unique experience to speak with a dead person, for the Steam-Forged are exactly that. A spirit that has died, but resurrected in the form of a powerful machine capable of performing what normally would be, impossible tasks. They take on many shapes and forms. It is even rumored that there is a massive towering Steam-Forged that houses the soul of a colossus. Their gift of life is also their eternal curse, for once a spirit has become a Steam-Forged, they are eternally immortal, forced to watch as everything around them decays. They often settle into single locations as guards, construction workers, or even trainers in combat. Though should they become bored, they will travel for miles until they find something new that interests them, or until they ultimately fall apart until someone can repair them, for once they become a Steam-Forged, they will never know death again.

The Shadowkin are a fierce race of shadow like entities that can manipulate the shadows and traverse into the other-realms. While some may look like horrid creatures of a child’s nightmare, they are actually very friendly. They feed off of fear and restless souls. The Shadowkin are harmless and will usually scare people for sport, but for the most part they can be very friendly. To cross a Shadowkin is to sign your own death warrant. They are masters of spiritual warfare, not only destroying their enemies, but the soul of their enemies as well. Completely erasing them from existence. They are the connection between the realms and work as the hub of travel.

The Valley of Giants is home to the Titans, an ancient race of elemental power and direct descendants of the legendary Giants known as the colossi. It’s said that the Titans cast aside a large majority of their power to pursue knowledge and power unlike any other known to the world. They are but a mere shadow of the colossus that once roamed the land. Most stand at a staggering 15-20 feet tall and resemble large beings made of obsidian, while others may stand at 8-10 feet Titans have the highest affinity of elemental energy. It is said that catastrophic natural disasters are the cause of two titans battling each other in a fight to the death. The Titans are powerful allies and have a strong affiliation with the guild.

Chimera are possibly the most complex of all living beings on Eden. Consisting of 2 or more creatures, a Chimera can be the most interesting being anyone could possibly meet. While most are simple mixes such as a Cananu/human or a Nightkin/Titan, there are more complex mixtures capable of using unique abilities. Simply put, imagine a human capable of jumping through the ethereal planes or a 15 foot tall Cananu that can harness the elements. The Chimera are very powerful and are a subspecies of their own. However, a small handful of Chimera can be highly unstable, turning into mindless monsters. Very few Chimera join the guild, but those who do have very special talents that can be put to great use.

The Desphonox are the most dangerous of creatures that anyone can possibly encounter. Large furred snake like beasts with very dragon like snouts capable of crushing a titan. The Desphonox commonly stand at 25 feet tall and 40 long, they are the deadliest enemies and most powerful allies. Only one has ever joined the guild for they are highly feared and are often slain because of their ruthlessness. They will not hesitate to feast on any other beings, and in fact will do so just for sport. Many despise humans and Cananu with an unfathomable rage.

Regulans, nobody truly knows where they come from. Their history dates back further than even the titan’s themselves. The ancient scrolls state these legendary warriors once walked alongside the Colossi and Titans before time even began. This ancient race is nearly extinct, as there are only 13 known Regulans left in the world. Though they tell stories of a hidden city of these strange mystical beings in in the skies far beyond the winds of Sky Haven and claim that there is a 14th Regulan that wanders the lands in search of his true purpose. A masterful swordsman far more skilled than any other whom once faced a legion of 1000 men single handedly, and ended a 100 year war in a one day alone. Most of the currently Regulans reside within the guild. Many are as old as time itself. They are the historians, and defenders of the guild.

The towering peaks of Greymarch hold the humble Cynderians, a race of volcanic elementals that traverse the almost impassible cliff sides. They reside within a giant city in the center of an inactive volcano called Serenity. It is impossible to approach a Cynderian without being filled with a sense of friendship for they are highly charismatic beings that have almost no enemies, aside from the dragons and water elementals. Cynderian often take in anyone as their companions and despise anyone who threatens their allies. While they are very humble and more than willing to share their knowledge, the Cynderian are without a doubt, a true force of nature. They are the most loyal companions whom will quite literally, blast away anyone that stands against them with ambitions less than neutral.

High above the skies, and deep beneath the waves, Dragons and leviathans are the master predators of Eden. Some are friendly, and others take joy in terrorizing any whom they see as their inferiors. The highly feared beasts of legend have 4 archetypes. The Spiritual eastern dragons of Sky Haven are the peaceful keepers of life, love, and are guardians of the land. The Western dragons of the badlands being horrible monsters of myth. Ravagers of peace, and masters of chaos and destruction. Leviathans, great moons of the water. The large beings of the sea that travel the world, guiding the life beneath the waves and destroying those whom threaten the life there. Among these beings however, there are the elder dragons. Beings as old as Titans.

Kobolds are mischievous creatures, being direct decedents to dragons. The creatures are generally small, standing at an average height of 3-4 feet tall. They have an aggressive demeanor towards humans, Chiropterans, and Cani. They have a great affinity and respect for dragons, Cynderians, Titans, and many other creatures. While they are weak in nature, they are mighty in spirit. Pushing to accomplish what most would consider laughably impossible.

The Warcats of the east are mysterious creatures. More like beasts than that of a man, the feline humanoids often have a bad reputation for being thieves, and smugglers. However, they are excellent hunters, great scouts, and remarkable spies. Some Warcats are known for their great skills in marksmanship, thanks to their incredible senses such as being able to spot a single speck of dust in the air, or to see a target many meters away, even in absolute darkness. They are even capable of leaping great distances, have near perfect balance and, like their feral counterparts; they are rumored to have nine lives. They are excellent shots, great fighters, and humble merchants. They have the biggest advantage in their homelands, the jungles and deserts.

The legends of old say Vampires are the bane of humanity. Those who agree have every right to do so. The Vampires of Eden are dangerous creatures indeed, many taking the forms of humans, while others, take more bestial forms. There are three types of vampires in the world, Bloodborne, Dayborn, and Shadowborn. Those born under the mark of the beast, are bloodborn, fast, aggressive, and highly unpredictable. The Bloodborn vampires are more beast than man, taking on demonic horrifying forms. They are highly dangerous and very few can be reasoned with. Then there are the Dayborn, a rare form of vampire. A dayborn has no need to feed, for they are more human than monster. That doesn’t rule them out as trustworthy however, many dayborn have indeed become hunters, and clerics, one even created a pact, bringing peace between the many races against them, rendering the vampires a race worthy of mercy. Then, there are the rarest among all, the Shadowborn. A Shadowborn vampire is the embodiment of what some would consider, the perfect creature of the dark. Taking on the form of the ideal figure, and happen to be the most powerful of all vampires. It is said that a Shadowborn has a telepathic connection to all vampires, and are often the main leaders to most of the pacts and are the main family pact members.

Werewolves, what is not to be said of them? Werewolves are very mysterious beings. Unlike the legends of old they are not mindless brutes, they are in fact, highly intelligent and the most, reliable fighters that can be found. The age old tales of men turning into beasts in the light of a full moon are but mere legend. Werewolves can turn at any given point, so long as it is within darkness. They often travel in packs, and never alone. At the minimum, there will be at least two together, mostly to ensure that in the process of change, they don’t let instinct take over. Being bitten by a werewolf would be a very painful ordeal to endure. Not because it causes changes. No, a bite from a werewolf can become infected in a matter of minutes, and will fester in hours. They are lethal, but they have codes of honor. Though, they may have ancient roots, they are the most civil and honorable of warriors, and will guard their allies with their lives.

Humans can be found in all the regions but they are very prominent within the great plains of Noctilum. The Chiropteran mostly thrive in the mountainous, canyon littered region of Sky Haven alongside the Cani, Steam-Forged, and dragons. Cani can also be found within Noctilum, Ionis, and Greymarch, where the Cynderian and Steam-Forged reside. The Titans are mostly found in the colossal landmass known as The Valley of Giants however, some may be found among humans and Cani in Ionis with Kobolds. The Nightkin are hidden amongst the shadowy lands of Nevermore and in the two other realms called Nocturne, and Solaris. Chimera are very diverse and can be found in all the regions and planes of existence. The Desphonox are very prominent to the Jungles of Havendale alongside the Kobolds and Humans. They are also in the badlands of Darklight, and the great bay and port city, Avelon with the Leviathans and many other races. As for the Regulans, there is a rumored city far beyond Sky Haven named Farora, located far beyond the Great Sea where other unknown lands and untold treasures remain. Though beyond that are the Emerald isles and Dragon’s Reach, a massive towering island deep out in sea with a spire mountain that challenges even the Guild’s Citadel. Beyond even those islands lie the many mysterious and uncharted lands where countless threats to life itself reside.

The story begins with a mere child born into an unforgiving world, however, not is all as it seems. As he ages, he begins to learn about his true identity and encounters an interesting cast of allies that will accompany him in an incredible journey of epic proportions. A new page will be uploaded every week.

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