Kairi Dark - Professor Picture

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not my app/meme, rose15XX created this. The credit goes to that person. Not me.

This is my character's Profile:
(A/N: Profile on the pokemon will be separate and individual.)

Name: Kairi Dark (Yes, she knows all the other professors' names are names of a species of trees; she doesn't freakin' care)

Age: 18 (child prodigy - big surprise)

Gender: Female (obviously)

Height: 5' 8''

Personality: Carefree, energetic, optimistic, a little insane, stubborn, arrogant, kind, sensitive, and an airhead.

Occupation: Professor/Archaeologist; Her main study is in historic settlements and the ancestors' interactions - and beliefs - with pokemon back then. She keeps both pokemon out (despite what the meme says) to help her with excavations; and bratty kids and the thousands of pokemon kept in her backyard when the trainers' reach beyond six pokemon.

Region: Her home and office is in Aurora, Ransei; and other regions, pending on the culture she's studying at the moment.

Clothing: She ALWAYS wears her white lab coat (it might as well be her skin); but she'll wear the stereotypical excavation shorts and t-shirt from the 1950's (or like the scientists from the Jurassic Park movie, take your pick) when she goes out and 'explores' and excavates places.

Jewelry/Accessories: She's extremely near-sighted and cannot live without her beautiful glasses. She hardly wears any jewelry, but if she does it usually has an ancient vibe to it.

Pokemon: Darkrai (nicknamed 'Mr. Dark'; also called Darky and/or Darky-Warky) and Arceus; she treats them more as assistants than pokemon that need to be 'trained' for sport. She does not use them to battle, only for research and safety precautions when on her excavations. So no she is not a mary-sue! (And yes they are based off of pokemon that I actually have.)

Likes and Dislikes:
+History and Mythology
+Anime and Manga
+Funny people
+Dark and Ghost types

- Bug Types
- Heat
- Serious people
- Romantic/Drama movies
- Relationships (this is a free woman here!)

Odd Trait: She can speak fluent sign language.

Background: She grew up in an upper-middle class home of Aurora, Ransei. Nothing special. But, once she was five, she found an odd, abandoned egg in her backyard and raised it until hatched into a Darkrai. Ever since then, Darkrai was her first pokemon and she was adamant to keep it despite her parents' advise. In fact, she became fixated on legendary pokemon. She loved the myths, their genetic make-up, and the urban legends that came with them. Soon, her fascination exploded and she found herself wanting to visit all kinds of ruins and ancient architecture that littered the city and her love of ancient civilizations flourished.

She didn't care about any of that "going on an adventure with pokemon when your ten" crap. Instead she focused on school and the dream job she planned on aiming for, a Professor in archaeology. And she wasn't going to stop until she reached that goal.

From then on it was a steady pace up a steep hill. She dug her head in books, studied countless hours, and reached her goal at a record-breaking age; 18. She didn't hesitate after that. She, literally, ran to the city hall to propose the idea of having her personal office where she could study her findings and artifacts she collects on her remote travels - and, possibly, have children get their starter pokemon and start their journey (just thinking about it gets her in a jittery mood). Her request was accepted and a couple of weeks later, she would move in to the vacant, small warehouse that would be her new home/office.

To celebrate, she and Darkrai decided to take a nice long walk and browse around the farms that are known for housing wild pokemon; the pokemon in which she can give to the kids that'll start their new adventure once they reach ten years of age. After catching a couple of eevees, igglypuffs, and bidoofs, however, there was an earthquake; an earthquake powerful enough to knock the new Professor off her feet. Her Darkrai held her tightly as the earth continued to shake violently. Then, out of nowhere, a clap of thunder echoed in the blue, cloudless sky and startled the duo. With a look of awe and disbelief, they watch as a large pyramid-like structure fade into the clearing; like an apparition of a ghost appearing in the scene. As quick as it came, the quake stopped abruptly and the pyramid's image was no longer hazy. The structure stood proudly amidst the vacant, open field, towering above the cloudless sky and blocking out the sun behind it from the angle the professor and her Darkrai stood (well, sat in this case).

Filled with numbing curiousity and uncontained adrenaline, the eager professor rushes over to the enigma and follows it edges to look for a way inside - with her Darkrai, more concerned than enthusiastic about the event, following close behind. After a couple of minutes of walking, they finally reach - what seems to be - a fairly large, ancient double-door. With no sense of patience the professor rushes her body weight towards one door, pushing with all her might as the door begrudgingly swings open with a large moaning sound. Her partner could only shake his head in dismay as he watches his friend dive head-first into a pitch-black, unknown area before he too followed behind her.

Walking for what seemed to be about five to ten minutes, they reach an open area that outlines the inside of the pyramid. From the steps to the large, sandy field in the middle, the place looked like an inside colosseum overgrown with large weeds. The professor could not contain her excitement. She was jumping for joy and smacking her partner on his back - in which he growled in surprise and shot the professor a death glare - in merriment, smiling a huge grin like a kid on Christmas morning.

She immeditaely went to work. She pulled out her 'emergency excavation mini kit' and started brushing the walls for any unown hieroglyphics or sculptions that the ancients may have left behind. Her Darkrai sighed, shook his head, and levitated towards the other side of the room, looking for anything that stands out.

As the professor continued wiping off the mounds of dirt and sand on the wall, she reached a large crack that formed into a big hole in the mural she was trying to uncover. She felt utterly destroyed. To anyone else this could have been no big deal, the mural may have been repeated on another wall on the other side of the room for all they care, but the professor is not 'anyone else'. This was a BIG deal to her. Out of rage, she pulled at the weeds forming in the large crack in bundles. She was merciless, she tore them up like paper and stomped them on the ground like a five year old would do when having a tantrum.

But then the sounds of walls cracking made her stop. She looked at the hole where she pulled the weeds out and saw new, bigger cracks making their way across the wall; stretching towards the ceiling as the structure started to shake. Cracks started to form on other walls; chips of rock falling onto the ground; and the professor was forced to lean against the wall as support to stay upright. Her partner looked around in shock from the sudden quake but the large chunks of rock from the ceiling caught his attention as he watched large cracks form a complete shape on the ceiling right above his friend - who was still helplessly clinging to the wall for support. He tried to rush over there...but it was too late. By the time he was two-thirds of the way to his friend, the large slab of rock was already a foot above her head.

He didn't make it in time...

...but something else did.

A flash of white was all he saw before the slab made contact with the ground; a large cloud of dust swelled the large room with an explosion of debris. Darkrai was forced to shield his eyes from the force of the oncoming cloud of dust and sand. The shaking stopped and the cracks stopped growing. Then all was quiet. Too quiet for the traumatized pitch-black legendary. Once the air was clear of the dust and debris was Darkrai able to finally open his eyes up again. He slowly lowered his arms down from his face and surveryed the area with a stiffening heart. A ray of sunlight gazed down upon him from the new hole in the ceiling and he was faced with realization, staring at the large heap of rocks before him that was once a single, large slab...

...was where the professor was standing moments ago.

He felt his heart break.

He rushed over to the rubble and cried out her name over and over again, pulling rocks off the mound in an attempt to find and rescue her. But his efforts barely made a dent on the mountain of rocks, it was no use, yet he still tried. He continued ripping rocks away from the pile, but, before he could reach for another, a powerful force knocked him onto his back a few feet away. The wind was knocked out of him and his vision stirred for what seemed to be a long time before his senses came back to him. And when they did he slowly levitated upright and studied his surroundings. Piles of large pieces of rock were scattered about him, but what caught his eye was the large, white equine hunched over where the mound of rocks used to be. Red eyes peirced the small cloud of dust that shadowed it as it slowly stood upright, panning its head as if looking around for something. From the shape of the silhouette, the Darkrai knew it wasn't his friend but he didn't recognize the creature either.

The Darkrai was forced out of his thoughts when the creature's red eyes rested on him, its gaze boring into his. They were standstill, they couldn't take their eyes off of each other, but once the cloud of dust disappeared was the Darkrai able to get a good look at the mysterious creature. A white creature with a grey face, chest, and underside; golden pointed hoofs, forehead, and wheel on its abdomen, encrusted with four emeralds at each branch. Although its pupils are blood-red, the rest of it eyes and part of its 'cheek' were green. But that wasn't the only thing that caught his attention when the cloud of dust disappeared. There, laying unconscious under the creature, was the professor; unharmed. His eyes brightened in sheer relief, rushing over to the unconscious body, not caring what the creature before him would do. He plopped himself next to her and rubbed her cheek with his forehead, wrapping his arms around protectively, sobbing tears of joy that his dearest friend was still alive and well; her heart pounding greatly against his claws on her back.

The creature stared at them with a mix of feelings; anger, resentment, relief, annoyance, and...envy?

"You." Its voice thundered telepathically. The Darkrai stopped rubbing against his friend and looked up at the creature towering before him. "Who are you? What right do you have giving this mortal so much affection?!"

The Darkrai looked at the creature incredulously. Does this being hate humans? It thought before hissing, "We grew up together and she is my everything. I love her with all my heart!"

The creature snorted and flipped its head in defiance. "How dare you raise your voice at me, your creator!" It began indignantly. "This is my home and whatever lies here is mine."

The Darkrai's grip on his friend tightened. "What the hell are you saying?! I don't know you and you can't own someone when they're in your home."

The creature glared at him menacingly. "Normally I don't fall under a humans' rights for possession - using this so-called 'finder's keepers' rule - but this mortal..." It paused and stared up at the sky, its eye seemingly distant and longing as if it was experiencing a delightful daydream, before snapping its head back to the stubborn Darkrai. "...she's...she's something else. I would do anything to be by her side. I love her." Its eyes brightened with anger. "Even going so far as to risk my life to save hers...unlike you." It muttered the last part bitterly.

Despite it being muttered almost inaudibly, the Darkrai still heard it. "I wanted to save her. I tried to save her!"

"But you weren't able to." It hissed. "And if I didn't save her," it pointed its golden hoofs at the girl in the Darkrai's arms, "this angel would be dead."

The Darkrai growled at the creature with pure hatred, levitating upwards with his friend comfortably in his arms as he leaned closer to the creature's head. "I'll never let you have her. I'll never let her go!"

"...let...who go?" A voice piped in inquiry.

Both legendaries looked down at the girl with wide-eyes, watching as the professor rubbed her eyes behind her glasses and stretch her arms upwards as if she just woke up from a nap.

"She's awake!" The creature hollered in relief.

The professor flinched from the sudden, unfamiliar voice in her head and sat upright despite the chance of unbalancing the Darkrai. She whisked her head around to see the creature's face only an inch away from hers. She screamed and fell through the Darkrai's arms when she flailed like a magikarp out of water. She fell on her back and she could have swore she heard something crack as a wave of pain shot through her. She yelped in pain as she instinctively held her hand where the pain originated; the lower half of her back. Both the pokemon looked down at her worriedly, exchanging unfriendly glances ever so often and sharing a couple of whispers.

After a couple of minutes of whimpering and gritting her teeth, the professor finally voiced a faint, "Are you an...Arceus?"

Presumably thinking that the girl was talking to it, the unknown creature from before nodded in response. The professor reached a hand upwards, "Someone help me up?"

Both of the pokemon darted eyes at each other competitively, trying to read each other's moves. But the battle was easily won by Arceus, using its psychic abilities to sweep the girl off her back and onto his as Darkrai only grasped air when he tried to grab his friend's hand. Arceus smirked playfully at the Darkrai who was fuming, while the professor was more surprised by what the Arceus did for her.

Catching herself, she stared into Arceus' eyes and uttered in a firm tone, "You are the Alpha. The Creator." She zoomed her head in closer - trying to not set off the pain in her back as best she could. "I must..." She trailed off, both of the pokemon waiting for answer eagerly; the silence making the scene suspensful. Then she said before breaking into a huge grin, "I must...have your autograph!"

Her friend gave her a 'what the hell' look in which she responded, "Dude," she deadpanned, pointing at Arceus' face, "this is a God! Who would be stupid not to get their autograph?!"

While her friend face palmed, Arceus couldn't help but pleased that the person it wants to put its heart out already looks up to it. "Kairi!" Darkrai voiced angrily. "This thing wants you to be your mate! He was ready to whisk you away from here to somewhere who-knows-where!"

The professor laughed and shook her head. "Darky, what kind of God would do something so stupid?!" Arceus flinched, its poster much stricter than before. "I mean come on, you know I'm an independent woman right? I don't do relationships, kapeesh? Not my thing."

At this point the Darkrai looked just as uncomfortable as Arceus was. But the awkwardness was drowned out when the professor finally said, "I think I need to go home." She rubbed her back helplessly. "I think I pulled something...and it hurts like hell."


"May I come with?"


The professor squealed. "Oh my gosh, God is coming to my house!" But her face went somber when reality hit her. "But the place is a mess, I still haven't fully unpacked yet and there's dust everywhere-"

"I don't mind."

"Perfect!" She clapped her heads together. "I'll think I"ll make lasagnia with garlic bread for dinner. I'm in the mood for italian, maybe I should make a dessert too since you're visiting tonight-"

"Actually," Arceus interrupted her, rubbing its hooves against the ground in false innocence, "I would like you to be my...master."


"...in one of those pokeballs, correct? Is that how their pronounced?"

"NO! NO! NO!"

"Darky-Warky calm down!" The professor huffed before turning to Arceus and saying, "I would be honored to have another friend in the club! You and Mr. Dark can be a team!"


"Yeah, that's Darkrai's name." The professor explained, pointing at the embarassed Darkrai in front of them.

The Darkrai could tell Arceus was holding in a snicker, but decided against telling on it to his friend since she's drooling over it - figuratively speaking. All he could do was watch as she pulled out a masterball-

"Don't waste the masterball on that thing!"

"Why not?!" She interjected. "I used up all the other balls capturing the other pokemon."

"Wait to get home then!"

"It's God!"

"It's a douche!"

Arceus glared at the Darkrai before the professor got its attention back. "Forgive him, almighty Arceus, he's a little cranky right now because it's been awhile since he ate any dreams. The poor bubbas will feel better tomorrow when I give him my sweet dreams tonight."

Again, Darkrai could tell Arceus was holding back a snicker but it could see the jealousy in its eyes. Darkrai smirked upon seeing it and Arceus glared in response.

"Okay! Get ready, I'm gonna use the masterball on you!" Crossing his arms in defiance, the Darkrai watched his friend tap the ball on Arceus' head, its figure turning a translucent red. But he should have known what was going to happen next - and maybe he did and thought karma should play out - fore he watched his friend fall through the red silhouette and fall to the ground on her back, again. She screamed in pain, cursing and swearing as the ball next to her rocked side to side before it stopped and a loud click sound emanated from it.

She, as if on cue, picked the ball up and yelled in triumph, "I caught Arce-AAAAGGGGHHHH!"

All the Darkrai did was watch, shaking his head as he clapped sarcastically. He was not ready for the rollercoaster ahead of him.
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