My Daughter Has A Friend UPDATED Picture

It was a warm and sunny day outside. The birds chirped and tweeted as they fluttered around in the skies. The trees were in bloom with fresh buds. In the back yard, the sounds of childrens laughter could be heard. A small blond haired girl climbed as high as she could feeling the sun on her tanned skin.

"Dren , honey. Don't forget to come in if you're too warm"

Shouted Maria, the mother of three. Dren, aged 8, Ran , aged 15 and Lulu aged 18. The little girl known as Dren just laughed and shrugged it off as she climbed in a tree, trying to reach the branch her brother was on.

"It's okay mum! I'll be fine"

Smiled the little girl as she climbed up to her brother and sat on the branch below him. They chatted idly about comic books and about child like nonsense . After a while of chatting, Ran began to climb down from where he sat, much to the dismay of his sister.

"The suns starting to go away. I'm kinda cold now."

He complained. Dren, not wanting to be left on her own, followed suit. While she walked from the tree to her back door. Something on the ground had caught her eye momentarily.

Being the curious girl that she was, she looked at a semi large box with a note on it. The closer she got, the more beat up the box looked. Had her mother thrown something away and the men hadn't picked it up yet?

On the rim of the box, it had a language that she'd not understood . But she clearly made out the words "Liquorice" and "Whip" Dren was not sure of what to do . She could take the box in and hide it. After all, if her mother threw it out. She may be mad that it had been brought back into the house...but the thing was, she didn't recognise this as anything she knew. She'd had plenty dolls, but none in this type of box. Could it have been one of Ran's ?

Deciding fast, Dren picked the box up in her arms and dashed up to the stairs. Maria thought she heard the door slam and walked to see what the commotion was all about. It was there she spotted her daughter run up the stairs with something in her hand, believing it to be another ...'helpless animal ' as her daughter tended to put it. She began walking up the stairs.

"Dren, what have I told you? Animals have their own family to stay with ... You can't-"

Maria was cut off by the sound of her daughter laughing and giggling . Was there someone in their with her? Listening closer, the sounds of words and whispering could be heard. She opened the door and the noises stopped at once. Dren looked at her mother and smiled widely as she brought up the item that was in the box.

"Mummy! This is Liquorice!"

Dren exclaimed happily at the doll in her hands, the joy was not exactly shared by her mother. That doll looked morbid and grotesque. Plus it smelled horrid. Not like a smell she'd ever smelt before. Gently , she took the doll and looked to her daughter.

"Honey, I don't think this is the kind of doll you'd like. What about a barbie? or a pony doll?"

Maria bribed, but the girl just gave her a look of defiance and pointed to the doll that was in her hands. Looking closer at it, the face seemed parted with red and black as well as it's body, also it had wings and large claws.

"Liquorice told me , he chose me! He can't leave the ones that he picks!"

Dren said as she took the doll back from her mother and clutched it in her little hands. Blinking madly, Maria then started laughing. Of course, it must have been some type of game her child was playing. Still, the thing reeked of something vile.

"Well, can I give...Liquorice, a bath?"

Asked Maria as she watched her child , the little girl put her ear to the doll, as if actually listening to something the doll was saying to her . Dren turned back and smiled.

"Liquorice said, that he doesn't need a bath. He'll be clean by tomorrow."

Maria was a bit skeptical, but she put it aside after seeing how happy her child was. It was just a toy after all, not like it was anything to be concerned on. Just a little girl playing with her doll. Deciding to take her leave and get some work done, Maria turned to head to the door . She gave one look to her daughter and then noticed that the looked like it was frowning. But that vanished with a blink of an eye.

"Bye mummy!"

Dren called out as the door shut. She then looked back at Liquorice and frowned to him. What he had actually said was very rude and she didn't want to repeat it to her mother.

"Mummy isn't trying to steal me from you. That's mean."

She defended her mother as the doll that was once unmoving raised it's head and looked at her. Dren was unhappy at how the doll was making her mother out to be, her mother would never ever try and do anything that would cause her to be upset.

"She's going to trick you... to lie to you"

The doll said as it just sat there, he couldn't move his arms or his legs but he could move his head slightly. He was still overly weak from lack of power. This also caused questions to rise in Dren's head. How can he move and how can he speak?

"How are you alive?"

Dren asked innocently, the little doll just stared at her.

"How do you talk?"

It retorted to her question. The night dragged on with Dren questioning Liquorice until bed time and her sister Lulu came in to tuck her into her bed. The girl gave a looked to the doll and felt shivers running from her spine. The doll looked so much more.. menacing in the dark light. Shaking it off, she turned back to Dren and kisses her head.

"C'mon kiddo, sleep time. Mum is working on something, so you get me as a bed time buddy"

Lulu smiled and chose a book out to read to her little sister. But the one that she chose wasn't what Dren wanted, instead. She pulled out the box that Liquorice came in and pointed to a black book. Lulu felt confused as she opened the book. There were no pages in it at all.

"Look more!"

Dren urged to her look again and when she did, she felt herself gasp. There WAS writing now..but she could have sworn that there was none before. How was that even possible.

"The little boy that...cried wolf?"

Lulu mouthed out as she started reading, by the middle of the book however, she had to stop and put the book down on the bedside. That was utterly morbid and horrific and totally not the same one that she had remembered buying as a child. This one had scenes of graphic violence, the boy having his lower parts ripped off. It was completely inappropriate for a child like Dren

"Who gave you that."

Dren looked at her sister and tilted her head as she pointed to the doll beside her. Lulu wasn't one for games and smacked her on the hand. Dren gasped and stared with wide eyes.

"Dren, I won't ask again and you know lying is wrong. Who gave you that book."

Lulu asked and received the same answer, looking at the doll. She grabbed it and then began to shake it, much to the upset of her little sister.

"This is a doll, Dren. It cannot FEEL and It cannot SEE. Let alone give you this book."

Calming herself down, she apologised to her sister and returned the doll to where it sat. Dren nodded and turned to Liquorice, who was glaring malevolently at the shut door. Dren never seen the gaze it cast off and just cuddled into him.

"Night, Liquorice."


The next morning, Dren awoke to no doll. Thinking that someone had stole him, she began to cry and cry until her mother ran in to see what was the matter. She'd never seen Dren cry so much over a toy...she must have truly loved it.

"Dren honey! It's fine, we'll find him!"

Maria shushed her child as she searched around her room. But the doll was no where to be found at all. Dren explained that Liquorice was mad at Lulu for the treatment that she gave him the other night and that he might be going to punish her. Hearing this from her child, it made her laugh sort of at the imagination she'd had.

"I am sure that Lulu and him are very nice friends."

Having found no luck in her child's room, she decided to look in other rooms. When she reached Lulu's she had indeed, found the doll. Lulu walked in and jumped at the sight.

"Really Lulu. Stealing your sisters toy. I'd think you were more mature than that."

Maria said with a disaproving look, Lulu had no idea what was going on. She'd been down in the kitchen most of the morning. So she had no clue what her mother was talking about.

"Mum , I was downstairs. Why is that freaky thing in my room?"

Lulu questioned but her mother passed her off and just walked ahead stating that she had better apologize to Dren for taking her doll from her.

"Also, I know you're into art. But scratching your door with your wood carving knife, really?"

Maria pointed to the etches on the door. Lulu was beyond freaked out by this, she hadn't touched her carving tools for weeks and weeks now. So it must have been Dren. Feeling utterly enraged at this, she marched to her sisters room.

"I don't know what phase your going through, but do not ever touch my knives. You could have gotten yourself hurt or worse!"

Lulu yelled as she turned , slamming the door behind her. Dren looked at the doll and stared at him... he seemed to have grown in the night. Also, his claws had been chipped a little.

"I taught her a lesson."

He simply replied and then he stood up. Dren gasped at this and then asked more questions to him until she looked at his frown. Was he mad at her?

"Those who harm, should be harmed back. Those who use tongues of violence, should have said tongues cut out."

Stated Liquorice, his voice was distorted kind of, but it was understandable. Dren didn't really understand what that had meant. Liquorice looked at the girl and gave a smile.

"Those, who are pure, should remain sheltered in the veil of sanctum."

He stated as he pat her head gently, however when her back was turned, he gave a very malicious glare .

"Until the ties to the one helping is cut, then...said innocence will turn into corrupted sin...and at once, must be purified..."

Dren turned her head back and Liquorice was no longer glaring, just smiling as wide as he could.

"So, let's play a game."

The doll said to the little girl, her face brightened up and she nodded to him eagerly.

"Okay, count to 100 and don't open your eyes."


Ran was sitting in his room when he heard something from the hallway. Scratch like footsteps heading to Lulu's bedroom. Debating on looking or not, he sighed as he got up from his bedroom and peered into his older sisters room. What he saw, turned his insides colder than ice.

The doll that his sister owned, was placing a black liquorice onto the side table of his big sister. This wasn't possible. How could it be moving?? It was scientifically inaccurate. Looking back up, he saw that the doll was growing in size as he stared at the photos of Lulu and Dren. It raised it's claw and slashed at them. Ran retreated back to his own room and shut his door.

"What was that...what the... Did I see that?! Did I actually see that"

He tried in his own mind to rationalise what he'd just seen . The doll was alive. And it was slashing apart photos that related to Dren and herself. Did the creature see him? Was it going to come after him next?! All this and more was making him feel extremely stressed out. A knock at the door made him yelp out as he opened the door. It was Dren.


She stated to her brother as he walked into his room, she seemed to be looking for something. Gulping, he sat on the bed and felt his body trembling. Dren looked to him and blinked.

"Why are you shaking?"

Dren asked innocently as she sat by him, her eyes continued to wander around, still looking for her friend that was doing the hiding.

"...Dren, can ...Can I see the box that you found."

Asked the 15 year old as he fiddled around , trying his best to remain calm from the sight he'd seen. Dren just looked confused as she stood up and started to leave, when she glanced back ...her face was..almost menacing.

"You're not going to take my doll, are you?"

She asked him and her tone scared him a little, but he shook his head regardless and her smile returned.

"Good, I'd hate for Liquorice to want to punish you too!"

When she left his room, he immediately opened his laptop and typed in to the search engine . Something wasn't right here, and he was determined to find out what, before someone got seriously hurt.


Liquorice had grown much larger in size, he was the size of her more or less now. He also had red paint on his claws.

"I thought you were hiding!"

She said as she walked over to the bed and pulled out the old box. Liquorice questioned her actions and she explained that her brother had wanted to look at the items. This caused a very strong sense of dread to take over her body as the creature stared at her.


He said with his distorted voice. Dren didn't understand why she wasn't allowed to take the box to her brother. She was sure he wouldn't take him away from her. So why was he angry about people looking at his box?

"He's a liar... just like your sister...just like your mother...they're all lying to you. They want to separate us...they don't care...they don't care about you."

Dren felt her innards growing colder and colder as he spoke to her. She shook her head and looked at him as tears fell from her eyes. Liquorice hugged her tight and shushed her.

"It's'll always have me.. and you won't ever run from me, will you?"

He asked her , she shook her head as she trembled.

"Good. Now, you can take the box to him...but remember what I said."

Watching the little girl run off with the box, he opened his coat and stared at the decaying flesh that had now started to turn vibrant. He was getting stronger and stronger. He just needed to isolate her more and more and then he could be whole again.

"Children are such, idiotic cretens...."

Liquorice mused to himself as he patiently awaited for her to return.


Dren sat in Ran's room as she pondered over the things that she'd been told by Liquorice. He was her friend, so he'd never lie to her. Lulu lied , she took him away from her to punish her...she deserved to get punished.. mummy was trying to get rid of her doll..she deserved it too...but what about Ran, was he trying to get rid of her doll too? Get rid of her friend?

"Dren, you have to stop playing with him"

Ran stated. The things he'd looked up and the recent articles he'd searched. He even sent a picture of the box into a forum for the paranormal, whatever the hell this thing was. It wasn't a toy and it was not good in the slightest. According to the article he'd searched...

'The creature will assume the form of something harmless to adapt to it's hosts surrounding. It will protect the host that it attaches to. But once attached, it will begin to isolate it's host from all around until the host is nothing but a shallow shell and then , it will turn on said host, taking the heart, lungs, tongue and eyes so that it can see, hear and feel. It's only weakness is to be detached from the host in a box designed for it.'

He of course, never told his sister this. But he now had to think of a way to get Dren away from it before she ended up being hurt and or killed. Dren frowned and grabbed the box . She felt betrayed. They all wanted to take her away from Liquorice. Even her brother.


Dren screamed as she ran out of her brothers room. Ran dashed downstairs and spoke to his mother, she passed him off as playing around with his sister but he was adamant that he wasn't. He pointed to the pictures he had printed off and looked at his mother.

"Don't you find it odd that Dren keeps talking to it, she doesn't go out without it at all?! Don't you find that strange mother?!"

He yelled at her and she stared in annoyance at him. She didn't need this on today of all days . It was her husbands death anniversary and trying to remain happy was hard with such nonesense being spouted around.

"Now you listen, Dren is probably finding it hard with no father and I expect you and your sister as older siblings to at least drop to her her level at some points. She's a child, a child that is hiding her suffering behind imaginary games. Do you understand."

Maria stated, clearly unaware of the things occurring in her home. Ran cursed and shot upstairs, he noticed that his room door was open and Dren stood inside of it with a very odd expression on her face. When she seen Ran , she screamed at the top of her lungs .

Hearing the scream, her mother ran up to see the crying face of her child and a gob smacked Ran just sitting there, trying to calm her down. Maria didn't know what was happening now and she was scared. Her family felt like it was falling apart. Maybe her son was telling the truth, maybe the doll was cursed. After taking the child to her room, she sat her down and stared at her.

"Where did you find Liquorice."

She asked her, but Dren just turned her head and refused to speak. This was not normal for her, she was a normally well behaved child.

"Dren Olivia Peterson!"

Her mother said with an affirmative tone, the little girl just slowly looked at her with a look of what could only be described as utter resentment.


She said with a low hiss.

"Where did you get that doll. You tell me or-"

She watched as he daughter began to laugh at her in a spiteful manner.

"Or what? You'll hit me, you'll shout at me... You'll disown me."

Where was her daughter getting this from, she'd never do that to her at all. She loved her daughter more than anything, more than life itself. Dren just stared at her mother.

"You can't do anything...just like when dad died, you couldn't do anything but sit and watch the life leave're not worth any-"


Maria lost her control and slapped her daughter across the face. She then started to shake from what she had done, she hit her own child...she'd never hit her before and she felt so guilty. It was like a switch was activated because as soon as she hit Dren, her daughter began to cry and sob.

"I'm sorry mummy! I'm sorry!"

She whined into her mothers chest, she didn't know what had come over her . It was like she wasn't in control of her own body any more. Like she was watching it happen. She was scared. So very scared and more importantly , she was very scared of the size that Liquorice was growing. He was much bigger and much more menacing than the little creature he had used to be.

"It's okay honey. It's okay."

Maria shushed her and stood with her in her arms. She didn't know exactly what was going on, but it was everything to do with that doll, if it can even be classed as a doll..that thing. As Maria carried Dren down, she called into her other children's room. Ran was on his computer and called his mother over to it. He had deciphered the boxes meaning.

मत खोलो Rakshsa के भीतर बच्चे से दूर रखें '

Translated it meant,

'Do not open Rakshasa inside,keep away from child.'

Ran also had looked up more meaning on the demon that he believed it to be.

A race of mythological humanoid beings in Hindu and Buddhist religion. They have also been labelled as man-eaters. Hinduism maintains that the Rakshasas were particularly wicked humans in previous incarnations. They are notorious for possessing humans, disturbing sacrifices or desecrating graves. Their fingernails are venomous, and they feed on human flesh and spoiled food. . The term rakshasa, generally applies to those demons who haunt cemeteries, eat the flesh of men, and drink the milk of cows dry as if by magic. Though not all Rakshasa are evil, some are known to be good.

Hearing all this had made her insides go cold, she had to get her children out to safety. Maria grabbed Ran's hand while she hastilly walked out of his room. The house was growing colder and colder as the minutes went by.

A scream erupted from upstairs and it sounded like Lulu. Maria had to hurry , she wanted to see if her daughter was okay but she had to protect her remaining children. Placing Dren down, she ushered them the a closet and warned them to remain silent. Several minutes passed and the sound of scratching on floor could be heard. Maria was covering her children's mouths and trying not to cry herself as the lifeless body of her daughter could be seen getting dragged into the room.


A raspy cold voice echoed out, the young girl soiled herself and was trying not to breathe too heavily .

"yOu'rE a LiAr..."

It hissed into the air, now the being looked much larger with it's wings unhinged. It turned to the body behind it and began to pry open the chest, the organs made a squelch as he picked them up in his hand and began eating them. Maria wanted to vomit, this monster...was eating her child , right before her own eyes. She did her best to cover both of her other children's eyes.

Ran, meanwhile was doing his best with his phone in hand to research weaknesses. So far, he had seen that it had a weakness to light and that it disliked prayers. His family were not overly religious people , so this would be an issue. It was at this point, his phone chose to alert him of low battery and a voice spoke out from his phone.

'Warning, critical batterly life.'

Maria watched the creature stop and then had to make a risky decision, she wouldn't let this monster kill her children. Pushing the door open, she tossed her kids in the opposite direction . Ran and Dren sped towards the living room to hide. Maria felt her body go rigid as she watched the creature finish devouring her daughters heart.

"Bitter, just like her life."

The voice called out. Maria was terrified , but she refused to run. The mother stood with a knife in her hand and the monster laughed out as he stood at full height.

"Do you think I will die at the hands of you?"

Liquorice grinned as he raised his claws and slashed Maria's arm. She screamed as her flesh sizzled and oozed with blood. Remembering what her son had told her.

'Their claws have toxin in them.'

"Now, die quiet. I have children to eat."

He said to her as he began walking away, something in Maria snapped..she couldn't save her husband. But she would not watch as her children were killed. Using most of her energy, she grabbed a nearby cross and jammed it into the creature's leg. Liquorice screamed and kicked the mother with full force, breaking her neck in the process.


Dren and Ran had escaped their house by now. They made their way to the police station that was near their home and explained everything that had happened to their mother and their sister, but the plea's fell on deaf ears. The policemen just put off their story as pure imagination until, the girl showed them a picture of the box that was at their home.

"This box was under police evidence, how did you manage to get it."

The main officer stated and then Dren explained that it was sitting in their back yard when she'd came back from the park. Armed policemen were sent over right away to the house, but no one was there, just the bodies of both women and an unidentified male . The male was unconscious but breathing so he was rushed into the police custody.

The two children waited for more news to be brought to them. The man was covered in blood, but it was too much to be his own. Dren said that it was a monster that killed their mother and their sister, then she remembered a terrifying fact that Ran had said to her.

'They can shape shift.'

The walls were painted red with blood from the two policemen next to the body of the male as he stood up, removing his tail from their skulls. Shot after shots were heard but all ended in screams. Through the door, walked a man that had tanned skin and blond hair, but his eyes were piercing green and his hands were those of black claws. He looked down at the two terrified children. His face then began to tear away, the skin ripping from it's hinges and sliding down his body.

"I told you...Not to run."


The creature dragged the body's of his victims in a large sack to his lair, he emptied out the half eaten carcass of Lulu and the dead body of Ran onto his workshop. He reached in his sack and pulled out the shaking form of Dren.

He raised his hand to her and listened to the sound of her screams as her body twisted and contorted itself, her bones began snapping and her eyes were widening from the sheer amount of agony. Liquorice watched her body get smaller and smaller until in her place, was a single black liquorice.

"Stupid made me mess up your pattern..."

The beast growled as he looked down at the cracked liquorice and then smashed it. He had no use , in using broken sweets.

Sitting at his work bench, he began to write on a small piece of paper and then place it into a box. Taking a piece of his own flesh, he placed it into the box, along with a small doll and watched as the flesh molded and moved around it until it had taken shape. He then placed a piece of liquorice into the box and made it vanish in a smoke of flames.

"Now, the fun begins."


There, the updated version. I hope it's better than the first.


I did quite a bit of research on the being that I had based Liquorice on, but some aspects I have added myself . However most of them date the the Rakshasa. :3

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