My Top 10 Favourite Pokemon Picture

Hello everyone! KMU here, bringing you another meme that I'm taking part in! This time... it will be my official Top 10 Favourite Pokemon of all time! I've been playing Pokemon games for many years now, and throughout that time, I've managed to decide on which ten Pokemon are my absolute favourites! There have been many awesome contenders over the years for a place in my Top 10, so I've had to think really hard about which ones I like best. But finally, after all this time... I managed to do it, and although many sacrifices unfortunately had to be made... I think I'm pretty content with my final picks! These are the ten Pokemon that I just absolutely love and adore for many different reasons, and while this list may be subject to change in the future, for now at least... these are my official Top 10 Favourite Pokemon! But before I start explaining why I like each of them so much, I need to get a couple of disclaimers out there first...

I know I did another meme similar to this a few years ago, which was 'My Favourite Pokemon of Each Type'. However, like I said, that was quite a while ago and my opinions have changed a bit since then, thus making it outdated. Plus, I want people to refer to this meme if they would like to know which Pokemon are my favourites, which is why I took the other meme down. Also, even though I do play competitive Pokemon from time to time and I will be mentioning some competitive use here and there, my reasons for liking these Pokemon will go far beyond that, so don't worry... I'm not one of those people who only likes a Pokemon just for its viability. And finally... this Top 10 is strictly my opinion and my opinion only! These Pokemon are my genuine favourites, so if some of you're favourite Pokemon don't show up on here, then feel free to let me know what your Top 10 Favourite Pokemon are in the comments below! Trust me, I'm all ears and I'm willing to hear your opinions, but only if you're respectful about it! Oh, and one more thing... the template for this meme was made by DemitriaMiriam, so all credit for the template goes to her and not me.

So, with all that said... it's time to find out why these ten Pokemon are my all time favourites! Let the gush fest begin!
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