Okami: Amaterasu Human Form Picture

After the drawings of the fox spirits from Oboro Muramasa, I decided to try my hand at drawing a humanoid form of Amaterasu from the game Okami. Concidering that Okami as a word, depending on the Kanji, can mean 'Wolf' or 'Great God', thus she retained some wolf features (though that's more so she's be recognisable)

I wanted to stick to in game design of the humans in the game, though I may have failed a little on proportions due to the designs giving them short legs. (why? I dunno), so I might have been influenced by the art style from Oboro Muramasa. Either way, the style doesn't have much in way of fatial fetures or fingers on the girls. lol! so it worked out for me.

I was at first worried what to do about the refector (aka the devine weapon), but concidering her pose that's making the 'celestial brush' look like a sword (reference to the pen - or brush in this case - being mightier than the sword), I decided to make the disk like a sheild. I hope it worked out...
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