Warming in the Spring Sun Picture

I took this Last year after one of my trips to Toronto to visit my girlfriend. This statue stands in a garden at a house at the intersection of Mary and Hincks Streets in my hometown of Goderich, Ontario.

I've always liked this statue, and passed it many times. I decided that I'd shoot it. Impromptu. At 4:30 this light was this, and I shot in both film and Digital (however I lost the film).

Unfortunately I paid more attention to detail in the film shots which were lost. I never felt happy enough with any of the digitals to post them. My depression hasen't helped.

However I cropped this one (in lightroom), and posted it.

I used my E-500 camera w/ 14-35mm lens, and my awful tripod that I have thrown away. (I now have a Manfrotto).

I'm not sure whom this statue reminds me of... I've studied too much mythology and cannot choose.
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