The imprisonment of Cipactli Picture

A sketch from my sketchbook depicting the imprisonment of Cipactli by Huitzopoca and Tempo - This is a decisive, fundamental moment from the past of the CUETZPALIN Mythos that is inspired in the origin story of the Ancient Mexican (a.k.a Aztec) Cosmology, in which Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca have used Cipactli's body (Cipactli being the crocodile-like monster that inhabited the primordial waters) to create earth.

On CUETZPALIN, Cipactli is one of the Ancient Beasts that used to live before the Elemental Gods, while Huitzopoca and Tempo, two of those gods, have founded the plan of Aztlán, where the Aztec Civilization would thrive for centuries, feeding on the suffering and vital energy of an imprisoned beast that was born free. Cipactli, however, may earn her freedom with a help from an unlikely ally.

If you'd like to see a more traditional depiction of the same event, but in the Mexica cosmology, also drawn by me, check this

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