Sola Katzuki Picture

The second oldest child of the four elemental guardians. Although despite the looks, Jenna is actually a girl. Her human name is Jenna Gore and she was adopted by a Greek family when her home was destroyed by an unknown entity. She had many brothers in the Greek family but no sisters in the family, so her foster parents were happy to take her in. Her specialty involves physical activities; she excels in any and every sport and has a scary amount of strength and endurance. However, she fails in academics.

She was born a model out of Apollo, the sun god, and Hephaestus, the fire god. Since both were male, she had been heavily influenced to look like a boy, but she is truly a girl. She attends Seraphina Academy and is well-known for having a gang in the school. But, due to Remedi Lore's help, also known as Luna Katzuki (her guardian twin), she was able to reform the entire gang and make them into a special Disciplinary Committee.

Her familiar is a fox (known as Jun in human form) and her special guardian summon is a Phoenix.

She's very chill most of the time, but she can be temperamental and hot-headed. Sometimes she can be dense but she's really good at talking with people and connecting with them. Jenna is known as the popular Super Prince and many girls like her. She was raised to believe that family is everything and friends are just like family, so she highly values them in her life.
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