TOR Oculus keeper tryout Picture

I will update the drawn app once a rank has been locked in.


I'd like this guy to have some siblings if anyone wants to join with me! of course you will need to read through everything if you already haven't and obviously the group isn't open yet so there is some time ^^ Darkfall only at the moment.


Name: Adriel
Adriel The name of an avenging angel in Christen mythology

Past Names: None
Nicknames: None

Sex: Male
Gender: Male

Pronouns:he, his, him

Age: 60 moons (5 years 0 months)
Birth season:

Rank: Oculus Keeper

Origin: Darkfall
Blood line: Darkfall/Darkfall

Breed: American Short hair/Australian mist X Dragon Li/Pixie bob
Build:Taken from his mother's side, Adriel is large with a lean build. He is taller then the average cat, though proabbly not the largest. He has a slim frame, a body built more for running than fighting, but don't let his lack of bulk fool you. He is strong.

Description: A large dark tabby tom with piercing eyes.

Fur texture:Soft and smooth

Eye color:Red/Amber

Scent:Dank, dark, like dirt and rock

Accessories: A cloth neck scarf clasped with semi precious stones. The cloth is often adorned with bright colored flowers form the area. He swaps them out once they start to wilt, and the colors can vary based on the season. He also has several face piercings that give him a bit of an intimidating look.

Scars: two over his left eye

Disabilities: none

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