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Yokeahncer the Singin' Enslavah


Yokeahncer is a gigantic hermaphrodite mata mata crab Demon God. He's one of the more interesting Demon Gods of the far off distant past. Not necessarily one that could be counted among the really infamous ones back then considering certain circumstances, but one that would be counted among the more unique ones. This is generally attributed to what available surviving info there is about him. Based on it, Yokeahncer can be described as (as best as anyone could describe an eldritch abomination like him in modern terms at least) a singing genie-like demon solar deity that commanded a Space Aztec-like empire. Furthermore if other surviving sources are to be believed, despite being allegedly several millennia old according to certain undisclosed immortal carried out investigations, his existence was in a sense only really "discovered" by everybody else in the universe of the distant past around the time the Titanomachy happened. This was because Yokeahncer and the Space Aztec empire-like cult that followed him into the primordial war apparently hailed from the farthest still uncharted reaches of the universe back then.

According to surviving records, Yokeahncer originated from the farthest reaches of the universe of the far off distant past, territory that was still undiscovered and uncharted by most space faring civilizations at the time. The space he hailed from was allegedly so far off and unexplored back then that some manuscripts even imply that even the Gods and possibly also the very Titans themselves had yet to venture there. While there are some slight myths and unverified rumors which assert that some explorers may have actually succeeded in venturing that far back then and Yokeahncer may even have actually been encountered much earlier before the Titanomachy happened, what can be unanimously agreed upon is that he definitely came from beyond known recorded space at the time. To put into a bit of perspective, if the universe was Earth, known space back then would be most of Eurasia and a bit of Africa during the time when Ancient Greece and all other similar civilizations were flourishing in what they perceived to be a flat world. With that comparison in mind, the space that Yokeahncer came from would then be the New World, specifically the central most part of Mesoamerica to be more precise. As such, the "arrival" of Yokeahncer and those who followed him during the Titanomachy would've been comparable to native Mesoamerican people suddenly showing up in Ancient Greece, having somehow crossed the Atlantic in full force to invade the country. Such a far-fetched scenario perfectly explains the sheer disbelief many back then had of the sudden appearance of a previously unknown Demon God hailing from the farthest reaches of the universe in the midst of an already chaotic universal event, especially a Demon God as unique in more aspects than just origin as Yokeahncer.

As a Demon God, Yokeahncer is quite an eldritch abomination. At his simplest, he's what can be best described as akin to a solar deity. Not necessarily completely like a solar deity as in being able to per say produce sunlight or even being able to transform into solar energy, but more along the lines of being capable of producing solar level heat and warmth which he can manipulate for a variety of unique uses. His most known usage of his powers, or at least the most documented one which he displayed frequently during the Titanomachy, is firing what are basically laser bursts from the claws atop his back. Concentrating energy beforehand into bubbles in the inner cavities of these claws whilst their upper parts are cocked, he's capable of firing bursts of energy from the claws simply by quickly snapping them. While the bursts tended to vary in size, range, and fire rate generally depending on how much energy he concentrated and for how long, they were all capable of easily disintegrating most weak skinned mortals into dust according to multiple accounts. These bursts were considered to be Yokeahncer's most deadly use of his solar powers during the Titanomachy by many who witnessed them in action. Despite these and whatever other documented attacks he's capable of however, he supposedly had other uses for his powers other than just for solely offensive purposes if certain sources are to be believed.

Due to having only been made known to the known recorded universe for a relatively short time during the chaotic Titanomachy, there aren't that many records detailing what other abilities Yokeahncer has apart from his offense based ones. The only sources stating what other supposed abilities he may have come from manuscripts salvaged from the downed spacecrafts of his followers after the primordial war, and apparently interviews/interrogations with those of his followers who survived and were captured. Considering such sources though, they're not the most reliable especially since most of them sound very embellished and reek heavily of indoctrination. Regardless however, according to these sources, Yokeahncer has abilities using the heat and warmth he produces that are allegedly more benevolent. One notable ability mentioned often by his followers in particular is that he's supposedly capable of using his powers to help grow plants, corn-like plants in particular going by what his followers apparently describe. This they cited often fanatically as proof of Yokeahncer's benevolence since his empire of followers despite their advanced technology were primarily a crop based civilization. This they proclaimed even though Yokeahncer's unique powers only involved primarily, as far as most other people could tell, producing solar level heat and warmth but not exactly direct sunlight as in actual solar energy, the actual thing that plants specifically feed on via photosynthesis.

Aside from his supposed plant growing ability, another thing that Yokeahncer's followers often asserted was that he was capable of using his powers to apparently somehow alter reality to give them whatever they wished for. While the exact details varied between sources and accounts, from what can be gathered, the way his supposed wish granting ability is described sounds a bit like something akin to that of a genie's of sorts. Not exactly like a genie's but something sounding like it could be classified as such. Despite this however, there are multiple holes in the description and testimonies of it. From what can be inferred via careful analysis of what's been given, this supposed particular ability of his according to experts apparently actually works less by altering reality and more by radiating a subtle degree of heat to subliminally make others do things. In essence, it can be inferred that this ability is more a subtle form of demonic persuasion if not brainwashing than anything else.

Although it might seem like a stretch to mistake what maybe Yokeahncer's actual ability for something involving altering reality, if applied in certain ingenious and rather insidious ways the likes of which only a Demon God could pull off, it could in theory really come off as looking like something that could only be explained by reality being altered for some. Given the unique particular physiology of most of Yokeahncer's followers that many have noted, this case could be especially more so for them. Of course, this is all speculation given certain circumstances. Whether or not Yokeahncer actually has this genie-like reality altering wish granting ability may never be truly known by regular mortals especially with what happened during and after the Titanomachy. What however is definite though is regardless whether Yokeahncer actually has this ability or not, his so called wish granting services, as well everything else he supposedly did benevolently for his followers, came at a price.

As it seemingly turns out based on various manuscripts and testimonies, Yokeahncer's so called highly praised benignity didn't come freely to his followers but was instead given to them in exchange for a dire price, just like with every other typical Demon God of this particular deceptive ilk. This price so happened to be mortal sacrifices, living sacrifices full of fresh blood and meat to be more precise. According to his followers, Yokeahncer's powers as great as they may be were limited and required constant refueling via feasting on mortals. Thus through annual ritual ceremonies, they offered the Demon God with whole sacrificial smorgasbords consisting of various slaves, captured enemies, and those extra fanatical among them who were more than willing to be chopped up and fed to a hungry eldritch abomination. These atrocities they stated they have repeatedly done for untold generations, being completely indoctrinated to performing mutilations and serving macabre dishes like pozole made from flesh and blood to this monster based on what could be interpreted from their testimonies. They, as well as apparently a good number of their sacrifices if accounts are to be believed, were clearly too deluded by lies to fully comprehend the actual horror that they were being subjugated to. Along with Yokeahncer's theorized heat based persuasion ability which would've greatly affected their perception of reality especially in the case of most of his followers with their unique physiology, they were obviously blinded to their predicament as they paid bloody tributes to him. However while them being clearly so indoctrinated to such a degree that they'd willingly do such things is an unarguable fact, Yokeahncer's followers' seemingly nonpareil devotion though was not merely just a product of lies and demonic brainwashing from what has been investigated. Something else drew them in freely as well as fostered their unholy beliefs for a Demon God. That of course is commonly attributed to probably Yokeahncer's most renowned aspect, his singing.

When Yokeahncer barged into the Titanomachy with his empire-like cult in tow, he arrived unto the scene singing up a storm that was quite a catchy euphony whilst vaporizing everything and everyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. Although his singing was mostly drowned out by the surrounding chaos of the primordial war for anyone too busy fighting to really take notice, those who encountered him directly however definitely took note of it. It's been stated by various survivor accounts that he has quite a singing voice the likes of which would not only enrapture anyone who clearly heard it but also would've enthralled them to sing along as well, something that would've been quite a dissonant experience what with the Demon God also rampaging around. His singing was so entrancing in fact that it's widely believed that if the primordial war's chaos wasn't distorting much of it, he would've taken complete control of everyone within earshot of his catchy songs, or at the very least every mortal within it. This has lead to the speculation that his powers are actually more sound based rather than purely heat based. While it may never be known to any mortal if this is really the case, the theory does provide a bit of explanation for some of Yokeahncer's abilities alleged by his followers, in particular his so called plant growing one. Regardless of whatever the case may actually be, Yokeahncer was quite an eccentric singing combatant in that chaotic war of so long ago. This distinction was made even more so by his accompanying empire of followers who not only acted as his backup singers as they aided him in his rampage, but were also unique on their own.

The empire of followers that came along with Yokeahncer into the Titanomachy was just as unique as the unholy being that they worshipped. They weren't as powerful or vast as some of the other space faring empires that were dragged into the primordial war as well but they were just enough to be considered an empire. While it's apparently unclear if the horde that came into the war then was the entirety of the empire, evidence suggests that if it wasn't, at the very least it was a massive bulk of it. Regardless though, they were one of the most indoctrinated Demon God cultists completely blind to reality to apparently have ever existed thanks obviously to Yokeahncer's machinations, and as such they apparently were also the most willing of acolytes to follow and fight alongside their Demon God into the cosmic disaster known as the Titanomachy. Mere blind devotion however wasn't all they had going for them as they possessed surprisingly advanced technology which varied from simple shoulder mounted laser cannons to massive spaceships, the largest of which allegedly dwarfed even Yokeahncer and served the Demon God personally as a sort of combination altar, throne, and music stage. They were also a surprisingly unified amalgam of various regular mortals and demons that all reportedly worked together in song-filled unquestioning indoctrinated harmony to accomplish whatever endeavor their unholy deity tasked them with, whether it was enslaving any and all into their fold or eviscerating those that Yokeahncer decreed in song to be destroyed. The vast majority of them were reptilian based, in particular the extremely heat sensitive kind which would explain a great deal of how they could've been swayed so easily by Yokeahncer to blindly worship and follow him to such fanatical degrees. Aside from all these though, their most distinguishing trait however was that they could be basically described as Space Aztecs.

While Yokeahncer's cult was every bit of an evil interstellar empire with highly advanced technology, much of its culture and aesthetics could be said to resemble that of Aztecs based on recorded descriptions, albeit it's a twisted demonic high tech semblance to Aztecs to be more precise. Although this is a fairly recent comparison by immortal standards and just mere coincidence than anything else, it's widely accepted as a valid statement even by those who've had firsthand experience and survived the primordial war and ages to corroborate on such things. From laser bladed melee weapons that resembled high tech versions of primitive macuahuitls, to a number of their spaceships which many have claimed to resemble gigantic floating ziggurat-like pyramids, Yokeahncer's empire of followers were really Space Aztecs. Moreover, according to further information that's been gathered, this Aztec semblance apparently extended to beyond what's been encountered in the Titanomachy. Their civilization in particular despite being so advanced allegedly relied heavily on primitive farming as their primary source of sustainment, a form of farming of note akin to that used by early Aztec cultivators. From writing to daily rituals, calling them Aztec-like was really more than appropriate. They even had a form of slavery that had more in common with the one practiced by ancient Aztecs than anything else. That however is where the similarities end for while the slavery practiced by Yokeahncer's empire undeniably shared many aspects with the Aztec one, mostly in the fundamental basics, the former's upon closer inspection was clearly more insidious and crueler in nature than the latter's. It was an abusive and horrific form of slavery guised under an obvious façade of song and happiness. One could even say that the slavery imposed by Yokeahncer and his cult was a sick perversion of the Aztec one, a thing that ultimately differentiated two coincidentally similar cultures separated by both space and time. It was an atrocious thing that many observant scholars have noted to be actually a core element of everything Yokeahncer did pre-Titanomachy.

From what can be ascertained based on the various documented info on the matter, all signs indicate that slavery was Yokeahncer's main overall m.o. prior to the Titanomachy. His entire empire-like cult was just essentially his collection of unwitting indoctrinated slaves deceived into thinking that he himself was their willing slave. Although this sentiment is nothing unique amongst Demon Gods and their cults, Yokeahncer's case apparently embodied this particular aspect the most especially since further info suggests that his empire ran an extremely extensive galaxy wide slave trafficking ring in addition to spouting their zealotry like the ideology addled commune that they were. Whether all this was for food or for power is not clear but what is clear is that regardless of motive, slavery was everything that Yokeahncer was ultimately all about. Completely isolated from those that would've otherwise interfered in his doings, Yokeahncer's enslavement based atrocities went completely unimpeded for what many believe to be several millennia in his little distant undiscovered corner of the universe of the past. That was until the Titanomachy happened.

When the primordial war happened, Yokeahncer was forced by powers greater than him to stop all his singing and enslaving, and instead use whatever he had to destroy everything that he possibly could. Thus with his empire in tow, he did as he was forced to and fought in the Titanomachy. Although Yokeahncer more than fared well in battle with his abilities and singing during the war, many however noticed that he seemed somewhat off note and it was not just simply his singing's effectiveness being disrupted by the surrounding chaos then. Indeed it was also attested by his very own followers that he was not exactly his usual self when he fought in the war even though to them he still sang just as melodiously as before in spite of the chaos. This was because despite how jovial he and his singing appeared to be during the war, he was in truth actually scared beyond belief. The thing that had spurred him into this war in the first place was truly a monstrous presence unlike anything he had felt before. The sheer terror he felt was so unimaginable even for an eldritch abomination such as himself that not even journeying into unknown space and experiencing the chaos caused by the primordial war could sway him from doing this beastly force's bidding. He either did as he was told to or else face the frightening consequences. He was completely gripped into following this horror's orders by fear. In essence, the enslaver had become the enslaved. As such while Yokeahncer seemed on the surface like a singing terror in complete control on the battlefield, he was in reality more like a panicking animal rampaging in fear and at the behest of some greater force of nature, a sentiment shared by many other Demon Gods during the Titanomachy.

Fortunately enough, Yokeahncer was defeated and later imprisoned after the primordial war ended. His empire fared just as well as him in the war but quickly fell into disarray the moment he was defeated. The vast majority of his followers were obliterated in the war and most of those that did survive were captured. Although many questions were later asked regarding Yokeahncer and his cult as was the nature of such things, one particular question was frequently asked the most above all else. How exactly were they able to come to the battlefield of the Titanomachy from the farthest reaches of the universe back then in the first place? While his empire did possess advanced tech capable of interstellar travel, it however was no more capable of traversing the extreme distance between their origin and their destination than any other tech available back then. The tech was even more so incapable of the feat that Yokeahncer and his followers supposedly accomplished that some sources claimed, traversing the entire distance and arriving in a short amount of time following the exact moment the war was declared. So how exactly were they able to come to known recorded space is a question a number of scholars and astrophysicists have pondered for generations following the aftermath of the primordial war. According to info that immortals such as Gods are privy to though, this was apparently all thanks to the very same abomination that had forced Yokeahncer and others like him into a universe wide destructive frenzy.

In the pursuit of its destructive goal, the beyond ginormous cosmic horror which had forced Demon Gods and the like to rampage used its powers to literally bend a huge portion of the very fabric of the entire universe, a disruption to dimensional space-time so great that it crunched existence itself in many places within the universe while ripping it apart in others. A catastrophic event which was one of the things that heralded the Titanomachy if not considered the very first shot of the primordial war, the monster that caused this did it not only to damage and weaken the entire universe but to also gather and allow those it coerced easier accessibility to rampage and fulfill its demands. This would explain how Yokeahncer and his empire, as well as others who hailed from other distant corners of the universe, were able to travel and cause the amount of damage that they did during the war over normally impossible distances across the universe. It's an incredible explanation that many present day mortals find hard to believe and many more don't even know since most conventional mortal science can't prove that this beyond unfathomable spacial disaster ever happened. This violent warping of space however does coincide with other recorded spacial anomalies that came about as a result of the primordial war. Whether it's believed or not though, it's the closest thing to an actual answer regarding of how Yokeahncer and his empire were able to travel easily to participate in the chaos that was the Titanomachy.


His name is derived from the combination of the words Yoke as in to enslave, and Cancer which is Latin for crab.
His head and neck are loosely based on those of a Mata mata's, a rather unique looking freshwater turtle. It's technically a demon iteration of the turtle but it's supposed to be a Mata mata nonetheless. I will admit though that a lot of features of his here do look more like those of an eel than those of the turtle I took inspiration from.
For the colorization of his head and neck, I took color inspiration from Gurgle the germophobic Royal gramma from Finding Nemo.
The claws on his neck are based on those of Sebastian from Disney's The Little Mermaid.
Incidentally, I based a part of his character on Sebastian being a singing part crab Demon God and all. However rather than having Sebastian's Jamaican singing voice, I instead picture him having a singing voice similar to that of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.
Audrey II is also another inspiration which I based another part of his character on. The talking plant influenced not only his character but also parts of his appearance as well hence certain design choices. The choice of taking inspiration from Audrey II actually came about during his concept development/drawing. Noting the look of his head that I decided upon, most specifically his mouth, it felt somewhat appropriate to also incorporate some additional inspiration from Audrey II. He's thus basically a demonic animal version of Audrey II with a certain head and neck design instead of a large flytrap and plant stem; a crab-like body instead of a pot; and crustacean arms and claws instead of vines, roots, and flower buds. Even the large claws on his torso could be seen as akin to Audrey II's larger leaves.
His crab torso with its claws that look like they're covering a face in shame is based on a Shame-faced crab. The claws of this part though are slightly altered in design so that they give the impression that he has a second mouth. Meanwhile, his eyes on his crab torso are based on those of a Horn-eyed ghost crab. Given his Mata mata neck that's popping out of it, the torso is technically a combination with a turtle's torso, shell and all. It's not a Mata mata's though but a general turtle's.
With the way his crab torso is mostly designed and how his head is popping out of it, his appearance is also loosely inspired by that one crab apostle from Berserk that fought in the battle against Emperor Ganishka, the battle in which the Emperor was in his gigantic tentacled tree Shiva form.
His green claws atop his crab torso are based on those of a Machine gun coral shrimp. His four long leg-like crab arms popping out from beneath his Shame-faced crab claws are based on the arms of a Japanese spider crab. His two large elbow-like crab arms at the bottom are based on those of an Elbow crab. Given the amount of crab arms and claws he has, he's technically all arms and no legs.
The orange sac-like thing in-between his Elbow crab arms is based on a Sacculina, a genus of barnacles that is a parasitic castrator of crabs. Given what Sacculina do to a crab's behavior regardless of sex, it's the reason I made him a hermaphrodite. In a somewhat loose reasoning, him being a hermaphrodite is also why I gave him Horn-eyed ghost crab eyes and colored them in such a way that they look like they have eyelashes. Additionally, him being a hermaphrodite would be another tie in to Audrey II as well based loosely around the song "Mean Green Mother From Outer space".
His whole shtick is based around being an evil fictional Aztec-like god with genie-like wish granting powers. Much of the Aztec inspiration is generally based on the Hollywood interpretation of Aztec gods being monsters worshipped by uncivilized savages. There's some slight parts based on actual Aztec mythology/culture but most of it is distorted through a demonic eldritch abomination interpretation. As for the genie thing, it's based on a line sung by Audrey II in the song "Feed me".
His laser burst ability which he fires from his Machine gun coral shrimp claws is inspired by what the shrimp and other Pistol shrimps like it are capable of doing. The whole capability of firing bubbles whose collapse can momentarily reach the temperature of the sun is part of the inspiration of making him a sort of solar deity. Furthermore, for the position and design of his claws in this regard, as well as the whole disintegration aspect, I also took some slight inspiration from those giant alien laser turrets featured in many old sci-fi movies, such as The War of the Worlds, and found as well in The Iron Giant film.
The speculation of what his powers may actually be is based on some real world facts. Sound is capable of producing heat as both are caused by molecular vibration. Also sound or more accurately music is capable of helping plants grow.
The vast majority of his empire being reptilian based along with being Aztec based is very loosely inspired by the Lizardmen of Warhammer. I made them reptiles partly because Warhammer's Lizardmen likewise have an Aztec-like aesthetic, but also mainly because reptiles are ectothermic or "cold-blooded". Ectotherms such as reptiles are greatly affected by outside environmental heat and operate depending on how much they are exposed to, thus I decided to incorporate that little science fact in a way tying with Yokeahncer's heat powers.

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