Eros - Into the Sun! Picture

Eros (Desire), is the mischievous god of love. Eros was one of the fundamental causes in the formation of the world, as he was the uniting power of love, which brought order and harmony among the conflicting elements of which Chaos consisted. He’s described as a "perpetually dissatisfied and restless force".

Eros for the Gift of Desire">Prayer to Eros for the Gift of Desire”

Eros, ancient one whose might it was that brought life
into being, capricious one whose gift it is
to fire the hearts of gods and men with lust and love,
I call out to you. Eros, master of desire,
bearer of the bow, your golden shafts you shoot,
so swift, so sharp, we barely feel the prick.
Eros, your blessings I have known; I know their worth.
They are a treasure, precious and true. Eros,
grant to me your sweet misery, the yearning
and the need that drive mankind, that bring us
together again and again. Strike me
with your dart, O Eros, make of me your mark.

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