Morena Zima - Touhou OC Picture

Yep, I tried to make a Touhou OC.

Morena Zima: Bringer of the silent white end
Goddess of Winter and Death
Age: Unknown (was around during the ice age)

She is based on the Slavic goddess Morena/Marzana

Long time ago Morena abused the sudden climatic changes on Earth to cause the Ice Age. Because of this, she got punished by the sun deity Dabog and lost her arm. After that he powers began to fade away slowly. Since then she was only able to use her full powers only during winter. But because of this winters become weaker aswell and Morena feared that one say there will be no winter! Also she grew tired of her lack of power during most of the year.
One day she met the witch Baba Yaga, who gave Morena a new arm, which allowed her to use her powers anytime! Morena then decided that it´s finnaly time for a new Ice age. Yaga told her about Gensokyo. Morena thought that it might be a good place for her plans...
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