In the Homelands Picture

A young male Desert Ghoul sets out in search of a territory and a mate.

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The Human's DaughterThe Human’s Daughter: A Desert Ghoul Legend as Recorded from Oral Form by T. P. Hade of the Nonhuman Cultural Illumination Project
Once there was a little female named Zief. She was much loved by her parents, but to her misfortune they were foolish people. They took risks where they were not needed. When she grew old enough to accompany them on hunts, they began teaching her how to steal from the wandering human tribes who passed through their territory.
One night they left her in a thorn bush and told her to watch how they took food or clothing or other items from the human’s tents while they slept. They underestimated the alertness of the human watchman, and were seen as they left with arms full of treasures. The humans shot them full of arrows, and they died before Zief’s eyes.
It so happened that this tribe had made enemies of other tribes, as is common among humans. One of these tribes watched from a distance for a chance to attack, and saw it in the distraction
The Selfish MateThe Selfish Mate: A Desert Ghoul Folk Tale as Recorded from Oral Form by T. P. Hade of the Nonhuman Cultural Illumination Project
Once there was a selfish male named Tuuk. His mate was Auwt, and she was a kind, thoughtful female.
It happened that Auwt became ill, and could not exert herself for long without succumbing to exhaustion. Tuuk promised to bring her food until she was strong enough to again leave the den and hunt with him.
On the first night of hunting alone Tuuk discovered a nest of snakes. He dug them up and
ate them, so happy to fill his belly he could think of nothing else. When there was only one tiny snake left he remembered his mate. He brought the snake to her and said, “All night I have wandered the territory, and this was all I could find.”
Auwt took it and patted him on the hand. “May a thousand blessings return your generosity,” she said.
On the second night of hunting alone Tuuk discovered a patch of desert melons. He gobbled them up, so h
Desert Ghoul Creation MythThe Shaper Creates Earth from the Carcass of a Lion: A Desert Ghoul Myth as Recorded from Oral Form by T. P. Hade of the Nonhuman Cultural Illumination Project
In the beginning was the black sky, and all matter existed in the form of the few beings which dwelled in it. The stars wandered it like restless flocks of birds. They were pursued by two beings- the Great Lion, which preyed upon them, and The Shaper, who loved their beauty. (Author’s Note- though a god-like figure, The Shaper is viewed more as a force of nature, and does not require worship to encourage him to maintain order in the world.)
The Shaper herded some stars together into clusters which took the shape of beasts capable of fending off the Great Lion, but his work was slow, and the Lion was hungry. The Shaper feared he would be left all alone in an empty sky, so he made up his mind to kill the Lion.
He took the long bone from his leg and scraped away a sharp point on one end with his teeth. This end he thru
The baby is teething by Leonca The Honor of HesiemPhil curled into a ball on the filthy cobblestones, felt the blood soak through his shirt, and tried to remember if werewolves were cannibals. The mugger had plunged a knife into his gut and extracted the money from his pocket with practiced efficiency. He could imagine no other motive for the owners of those glowing yellow eyes to be assembling like a flock of nocturnal vultures. He shivered with pain and yelled, each cry for help growing feebler than the last.
The sole functional street lamp was aflutter with moths enjoying the cool summer night. Yellow eyes bobbed at the edge of the light. Phil caught glimpses of long claws and lanky canine forms. He found a loose stone and threw it with a pitiful scream of rage.
A small figure broke away from the others and crept into the light. If it was a werewolf it was a sickly looking one. It had oversized round ears and appeared to be missing any trace of fur or a tail.
Phil squeezed his eyes shut. Perhaps this was just a hallucination, the f
Bloodline Curse"I do not want them to see him.”
Yril lowered his ears and frowned at his mate. He knew he couldn’t keep it from happening, but he wished he could pretend it wouldn’t for a little while longer.
Taiph nuzzled the child sprawled on his belly between her arms. Rayld was only four months old. He had no way of knowing that life was more than warm earth, mother’s milk, and naps. His pudgy legs twitched as he slept.
She met Yril’s eyes and held them, unblinking. “They are old and wise,” she said. “They may be the only ones who know how to fix him. We do him no good by putting it off.”
She was right. He knew it and he couldn’t do anything about it. “All right,” he said, reaching out to run a finger over one of his son’s floppy little ears. “I will find them and bring them here so you do not have to carry him away from the den.”
He poked his head out of the den’s main entrance tunnel, scanned for dan

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