Caught_Colored Picture

Snake had been jealous of Man for too long.
"Look at him! Walking on two legsssss, while I crawl and sssslither."
Snake's hounds growled their agreement. "We will wait till he'sss alone and tired. Then I will wrap myself around hissss proud legsss and you two will eat him!"
The hounds chased their tales excitedly, and that is what they did.
Man being clever knew he was in dire need of a place to escape to.
As Snake gloated hissing his victory. Man sang of night, and moon. Sun and stars. Of sea, and rivers, and land, and animals, and mountains.
And thus by singing, Man created a world, in a universe to escape into.
Snake's hounds were so amazed they never listened snake again, vowing to follow Man closely to see what wonders might be rought by him.
Snake, not one to admit his mistakes, followed aswell. Claiming that it had been his plan to make Man sing of creation all along.
Some say the bitterness of this experience with man was what first created Snake's poison.

original colored version, came back to look at it and don't hate it anymore. Still need to recolor it though just not satisfied. Marker's for colors, PSed the sucka though.
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