Upon Beltane's Breeze Picture

He stared forlornly out across the fields, golden eyes observing the soon-to-be battlefield. His arm was propped casually over his left leg, right leg stretched out and down the hill. This was his home, and he would fight until death to protect and preserve her and his King. The High King was a good one, and he was grateful to be of service to Nuada Airgetlám. He, the All-Father and future King.

The summer breeze ruffled his his hair, and he pointed his long features down slightly to avoid procuring speckles of dust or dirt in his eyes. It was truly a beautiful day, and the Dagda's fingers twitched to play a tune on Uaithne. With a soft sigh, he allowed a small smirk to cross over his marked features, fangs glistening in the sunlight.

"Dancin' 'round in Summer’s breeze," The great Dagda began to sing, his beautiful voice carrying in the warm wind, "Singin' tha tune o' Beltane...

Winter’s Wonderland a'last a' rest
Tha crown passed ta tha next
Tha moon replaced by tha sun
Tha cold, Winter months gone
Snow melted, flowers bloomin'
Animals in tha heat o' matin'
Tha wee folk o' tha Summer Court
Celebratin' tha sun and warmth
Dancin' 'round in Summer’s breeze
Singin' tha tune o' Beltane.

With a sudden clarity, Eochaid Ollathair could see the battle ahead, a small glimpse of the near future. It looked victorious, but grim; many lives would be lost. But he would do his best, and he would fight with valour and honour.

The Dagda stood, hair falling over his shoulders as he brushed himself off of the beautiful, green earth. Though bloody, this world was beautiful, and he would protect it and its people.

"Walk such righteous path
an' yah will be met wit' valour,
live wit' courage, an' die wit' honour.
Be borne o' victory an' harbour humility.
Love thyself baht love thy kin moreso.
Walk a curved line, no' a straight line
fer yah shall not know
when hardships will attack.
Be prepared ta unravel
mysteries far greater than yerself.
An' most o' all, do not be afraid ta fall.

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