Sky Father, Sea Mother, and Spirit Child Picture

More SOA worldbuilding, in order to distract myself from the imminent onset of school!
These are the central three gods of the Tacran religion. On top is the Twin-Tusk Narwhal, the chief god who represents the sky, primordial male energy, the physical realm, the body, and snow. He is believed to be a generally peaceful and kind god, but when angered he becomes uncontrollably furious. He is said to reside on the peak of a sacred mountain in the far north. On the bottom is the Mother Beluga, consort of the Twin-Tusk Narwhal. As fellow chief god, she represents the sea, primordial female energy, the mental realm, the mind, and ice. She is less kind and gentle than her husband, and harsher with the Tacrans, but more level-headed. She is said to reside in a ring-shaped lake in the far northeast. In the center is their child, the Warrior Seal. The Warrior Seal is an enigmatic entity, reincarnating in various avatars to assist the Tacran people. Gender does not apply to the Warrior Seal, and they are believed to have reincarnated as both female and male Tacrans. Famous avatars include Uhritun, an ancient warrior said to have petitioned Twin-Tusk Narwhal to stop the midnight sun, and Razorbill, the emperor who founded the Empire and sieged Hawew. The Warrior Seal represents primordial creative energy, the land, fire, and the sentient mind.

The style of this picture is based off Northwest Coast American Indian art, which I find to be fascinating.
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