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Nef, Ares and Past to Present (c) Me, Melanie Tranchemontagne (aka nefgoddess, Wrynna)

Here is my story for background...and character descriptions and references.


The images i provided you are on my deviantart site [link]
They are the proper colour keys for them...although the sketches (sorry for their bad quality but i had to use my mac webcam) are what they really look like.
Ares had a redesign recently so he looks different from my digital painting (made in 2005)
My story Past to Present

Nef is confused about her supposed destiny. She is a NEW goddess of light and said to be the reincarnation of Sheena (previous goddess of lights) power. This means that Sheenas soul mate who was the god of the sun would also be Nef's. This means she is meant for someone that she may not even love, without her own say...just because she is the new light goddess holding another's soul within her.

The other person in question is a good friend of Nef, but she doesn't love him. Ares constantly tells her that she is the light and meant to be with the sun god, thus thwarting her advances. Nef loves Ares, and Ares loves her. He can't admit it due to his own confusion that she is Sheenas reincarnate...a woman he loved before the great war (a war of gods that left ares and only a couple others alive). He thinks he may be in love with Sheenas aura(or power) that surrounds nef.

He was sent from battle by sheena who wanted him alive to train the goods that would be reborn. Little did he know that by reborn, she meant their powers....

much confusion...and caring on Sheenas part...she was the only one reincarnated....the other gods passed on including her love. Sheena remains dormant in Nef until before she leaves (she needed to pass on her full powers and secrets to nef, but was to weak to physically separate to her...thoughts and dreams were all she could do from within nef). Ares eventually is told by sheena (who before she seperates from her takes over her body and takes her old appearance to explain to Ares (and nef who is now the dormant one breifly) the mix up and that nef was born with no fate strings...she the fact that she would be the new goddess of light.
No one has no fate string...gods have them as well...but they are unbreakable by the Fates....nef is not bound by fate in anything she does...

Without that fate, Ares finally admits that he loves her...nef loved him ever since he told her what he and she was.

She connects with him on ever level...even above that of a soul mate.

Ok now character descriptions[/i]

Nef is 20 at the point she is closer to ares (the other person shes going to be with)
strawberry blond hair..not to orange...closer to blond...see the pic of her in a dress.
She is fair skinned (kind of pink tinted) and has very faint freckles (veryyy faint) with crystal blue/purple eyes. They shine in all the colours of the rainbow...prismatic would be the word for them....people just see them as purple blue tho.

She hates dresses...protective of friends. She is strong, but kinda boyish. She is a lonely soul for the most part...she likes art and all that related to it. Fighting is also an interest of hers....she likes the art of it opposed the the combat. Fencing and martial arts amongst her favs.

She is empathetic to all...can create illusions, create/control light, and time itself.


Ares has silver/white hair with grey eyes. His skin town is a bit more on the tan side though compared to nefs.

Ares on the other hand is the original god of war as described through mythology (greek).
He was known for not being very liked while other gods existed. He was known to sleep around and left a long list of half god children around, although most died before they passed on their god like abilities.

His father tried to kill him leaving a large scar on his chest. (see ref) He also has many smaller scars from when he turned himself human and tried to run into battle (my story) and die that way (he couldn't take his own life) He had many wounds..died but came back to life immortal....

since he couldn't die he went to find the new gods. He did this by changing his appearance over the century's by becoming his own father, then son, and so on.
This version of him is main form, or at least the one that all gods see him as.

he is deep in mind, caring and protective (especially of Nef) ... he spends most of his nights planning the battle against the foreign gods (dark gods from a alternate reality where all is dark and destroyed). He sits on the roof of his mansion and stares at the stars where he is occasionally joined by nef.

He is no longer a war god, but can control metal and all weapons. He can wield all and any weapon as well. Loves combat but loves knowledge and reading.

Hes pretty quite most of the time..and mysterious, but always deep in thought. Hes serious but can loosen up (thanks to nef)...He is full of regrets and loneliness (for 2000 years he was the only god!) He talks to nef mostly, and the other gods as well...but nef is the only one he has ever really opened up to!

Well thats it...a sweetly romantic image of the two would be awesome ^^

but anyhow i just want to see what you can do with Ares and Nef in your own style!

Good luck ^^

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