CoM: Taban Dali-an Dunggan Picture

Name: Taban Dali-an Dunggan.
Age: 21 (That's also his real age)
Gender: Male
Height: Fated form 5'5" / Sealed Form 5'5" / True Form 9 inches

Species: Tigmamanukan

Medicinal chant of the Babaylan

Using the energies contained within himself, Taban can heal minor and moderate wounds on himself or on others. (Think Reiki)

Talon Blade

A knife formed in the shape of his talon, used for self-defense.

Title: Seer
Class: Recruit
Partner: (Jejomar Subu)

Occupation: Contributor for a Travel Magazine/ comedian/ part-time sound effect guy for a radio show.
Residence/Region: East


A sociable and outgoing fellow, Taban is the type of person who smiles at everyone first time they meet. He's also quite determined with his dreams, therefore he uses every chance of his available to practice acting and improv, wanting to better his skills in being an actor. A comedian, he can't help but make puns where available, add jokes when useful, and make pop cultural references when possible. However, he does have a temper, but to reach that one must be willing to constantly harass him, unafraid of passive aggressiveness. Taban is also the type of person to offer assistance if needed, wanting to always have a place in a person's life as a friend.

History/Description: Taban Dali-an Dunggan was born in the city of Korondal in Mindanao, a family of Tigmamanukan's who have settled into living the human life, returning to their roots in their home in Leyte. Never feeling like he quite fit in for obvious reasons, he was at a loss as to what to do. In High School, he was at the lowest of lows after one day filled with unluckiness and yet in that day he found his calling in life in the most unexpected of places, the local comedy bar. In the dark, cold room filled with smoke and alcohol, he saw people not like him but was also like him; people who didn't feel or were shunned by society, finding a place by turning their pain and their stories into one of laughter. It was their when he decided what he wanted to be, a *comedian actor. One who could make the people laugh and at the same time, create a place for him to belong as well.

It was on his eighteenth birthday that the part of him that was different affected him. They were once more in Leyte, celebrating his birthday in grand fashion, lasting the whole weekend in the mountain barangay where their ancestral home stood, a two story Hacienda with rice fields far beyond the eye can see, the rolling green slopes of the mountains and hills the backdrop. Everyone in the clan came, even some of the other mythical creatures were there. One of them was a lazy looking man who introduced himself as a Sarimanok, which brought delights and applause from the crowd, knowing today would be an auspicious day then. On that day his family watched Taban slowly transform into a Tigmamanukan. The transformation brought upon Taban a sense of freedom, he watched as he and his family flew across the trees, amidst the rice fields, and all over the house before turning back once more when the sun was beginning to set. He felt exhilarated, excited, and yet the next day, he was melancholic. The knowledge he was different always hung upon him, the tales and stories of their world passed down from generation to generation. Who they were, the existence of the others, and the sanctum, a place where everyone of them could co-exist and work for the greater good. The melancholy stayed for quite a while, and it wasn't until he had his first chance to open for a show did it vanish. He remembered his decision and once more dedicated himself to the craft of laughter.

Time passed and , finding the sense of fulfillment he had long craved for in his life, thought he was content and satisfied for the path that felt concrete to him. However, one fateful moment would change all that. It began with business as usual, he was on stage, singing his hilarious rendition of "My Way" by Frank Sinatra, when he felt the cold hateful stare from one of the customers. He glanced at the person, the look coming from a vicious ruthless looking man, and he knew what was going to happen next. He heard of these stories, but he had a feeling he was going to experience it first hand. Once he finished with his set, he quickly walked backstage to his dressing room, when he felt something coming from behind. He dodged just in time as the claws of the, a beast...a segben, slice the thin air, inches between him and his neck. Taban was surprised, he knew others existed, but to see one in the flesh, and the fact that the man hated his rendition of My Way made him freeze where he stood.

He didn't know what happened next, but as the sounds of the security guard came to his ears, the man beast also heard it and fled the scene, the only evidence of the attempted murder the cold beads of sweat that fell from Taban. Feeling confused, and scared, he left early, staying in his apartment, wondering if the man would return to finish the job. It was the next day, when the landlord, Luzvimin the Sarimanok, knocked, inquiring him of last night where Taban screamed in fear from his nightmares. Taban recounted the ordeal to the Sarimanok. Over a cup of ginger tea, then two bottles of Tanduay Rum, and countless bottles of San Miguel Beer, Taban felt like he came to terms with the situation. What happened was he was almost a statistic for the My Way killings. What also happened was that he almost came face to face with a Maligno, a Segben. Aside from the ironic shock of realizing Segbens are real, he felt fear creep once more into his veins. Luzvimin began to talk once more, about how the malevolent beasts work with the corrupt ones in the government to be able to feed. How those who went missing really were just eaten, the scapegoats either the rebels or the government, half truths abound. Hearing those words, he felt the fear heighten but also anger, disgust, incredulous that the country was literally being given to dogs. He was sure Manuel L. Quezon was not trying to say the words literally!

Sensing the same fire that Luzvimin once felt before, he suggested that he joined the Sanctum, the Chancel. Taban's eyes widened, the thought never occurring to him. Yet at the same time, he felt moved, for his people, for his family, and for his country. If he could be one who does his part to heal and fix the nation once more, bring it to greatness again, he was sure these problems would vanish once and for all. He made his decision to join the Chancel, and the only thing the Sarimanok could say, was to go to the mountain of Makiling. The fairy was known throughout the community in the Luzon island as a watcher as well as one who knew the existence of the gates.

The next day, armed with determination, bravery, and a splitting headache, he went to the mountains in search of the fairy, optimism brimming in his heart like a passionate youth who fights for what's good!

Of course much later, he gained his first partner (and brosky), Jejomar the Bakunawa. Developing a good bond with the man, they decided to work together as well, applying for the job of soundman, a glorified term for a person who pushes buttons once in awhile, for Jejomar's extremely late night radio music show dedicated to Gangnam style, Gangnam Style remixes, Let it go, Let it go Remixes, and Justin Beiber early career songs in the form of elevator music. Wanting to also make use of the task of seeking out other people that were like them, he applied to be a contributor for an airline travel magazine, Smile, to write about places to visit and where to stay. He could honestly say that from the unexpected My Way attempted assassination, he found a place he truly belonged.

Explanation for certain terms:

Comedian - It is common in the Philippines for a comedian to be both an actor and a singer. This is because one can entertain and make the people laugh by singing. Many famous Filipino Comedians/Comediennes have albums, concerts, and have made parodies of famous songs. They also star in sitcoms and are known from time to time dabble in serious acting.

Hacienda - a large house that usually owns a farm. The land is quite wide and its common for farmers to also have houses to stay in within the lot. In this case, all of the workers and owners are Mythological creatures, thus making it easier for them to have a place to be safe.

My Way - A Song by Frank Sinatra, this song has gained a reputation in the Philippines as a song that gets you murdered. Many of the attacks and murders are spur of the moment, and it is still not known what the reason is for each murder. Current theory: A person's genius rendition is another man's desecration.

Sarimanok - A Mythical creature that symbolizes good luck.

Segben - A Large Black Dog that is disguised a human. Depending on the region in the Philippines they are either seen as cruel, evil creatures or creatures that merely exist.

Fairy - Maria Makiling is a famous diwata, known as the guardian of the mountain. Those who encounter her, see a woman wearing a white dress who helps people if they are lost.

Contributor for in-flight magazine - The budget airlines, Cebu pacific, has a SMILE magazine where near the end of the pages, are contributors who live within or outside the country. They recommend readers regarding the area the contributor is writing about, where to go; where to eat; where to sleep; where to party, etc. Anyone can contribute so long as your knowledge is correct and hip. I am not sure if you get paid though.

Soundman - a glorified term for a person who pushes buttons for laugh tracks, cheap sound effects, and such.

Manuel L. Quezon - One of the presidents of the Philippines who made a famous quote :"I would rather have a country run like hell by Filipinos than a country run like heaven by the Americans, because however bad a Filipino government might be, we can always change it."


Likes:Music, Jokes, Pop Culture References, YOLO, Pokwang, Dangling Participles
Dislikes: Bitter Gourd, Heavy Metal, Mario is Missing, and The Ending of Mara Clara

Favorite Songs: Koyu ni Tebulu (There is a tree on the Mountain)
Ang Maya
May Ibon Kanta Kanta
Just Around the Riverbend
Listen to your Heart
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