Prinsesa Picture

Ink and watercolor on paper.

I started drawing Prinsesa because I wanted-- yes, a challenge, but also defiance -- I've gotten so tired of people assuming that the privileged paradigms are the only expressions of beauty, power, glory. I'm so tired of people referring to the art rooted in my homeland as charmingly primitive, tribal, elementary. Basic.

I'll show you basic, I thought.

Prinsesa is magnificence. She is unafraid, confident enough in her power to pretend to such vulnerability as sleep, even when she may be seen by strangers; certain enough to remain untouched by storm. She is potential about to blossom and establish its dominion over all. (She is well-read, too. Look: she fell asleep reading, even. Probably just after having a snack. Like me, she nibbles while reading.)

She is sun and blood and untetherable radiance. She is aswang.

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