Arcane Trinity Picture

This is so scrapworthy. Scraps like this are UNREAL I mean they don't even happen in real life most of the time. Drew this the other day at my bro's homeschool thing. I basically just sit there and pretend to still be in high school while scoping some choice gross greasy man-boy, it's great. The assignment was sketch an illustration based on a poem they gave you, I got some crazy wiccan new age shit which was fine by me because I'm entranced by the concept of a female trinity representing the different stages of life and specifically, fertility.

Maiden/Mother/Crone, the three stages of reproductive potential or lack thereof, the three generations typically able to exist at one time, waxing/full/waning moon phases. The poem mentioned that, and I was like YEAH!!!!! b/c I was thinking of incorporating it anyways, and the moon is one of my favorite symbols for the feminine, mostly because it's so applicable......ever read those symbol books that are like "THE MOON IS FEMININE BECAUSE I SAID SO END OF CONVERSATION"??? well yeah I hated that sort of thing for quite some time and went out of my way to prefer the sun but anyways there is an inexhaustable flow of reasoning behind the moon being female, and I could talk your ear off about it, but you should prolly just look into it instead. :v
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