Aztlan Website Picture

For these latest two months I've been working on

a navigable website based on an illustrated map of AZTLÁN

This site's purpose is to introduce you to the world of Aztlán, one of the many worlds which

compose the universe of the CUETZPALIN Mythos

(a mythopoeia I've been working on for some time, which story script is almost finished,
and which dictates most of my recent drawings and paintings. I plan to work it
on comics platform, but before that I'd like to introduce other elements of the story
by means such as web and character illustrations, this Aztlán website being the case).

There you'll find info about the Aztec Confederation's History - its Five Sun Eras,

detailed info about each Altepetl - 'city-states' and its presiding Teteoh - deities.
Make sure to check the project's presentation on Behance and appreciate it if you liked

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