Lunar Moth fairy Picture

Lunar Moth Fairy


When darkness falls and the moon baths the forest in its soft light.

When the sun dies and the light grows dim, she wonders the forest guided by her kith and kin.

For she is both blessed and cursed with the gift of true sight, leaving her blind in this forest bathed in moonlight.

Her kin they whisper words to soft for me to hear but she would always reply

“Come close, come near”

“Whisper your words so I may see where I must tread so carefully”

“Lead me to a place where I may spread my wings and bare all that I hide, so the stars can see me as I see the world, bathed in light, naked and exposed”.

“This is my gift…my curse”

~Burned Raven~

Cursed with the gift of true site, Mireth is guided through the forest by her kin, her wings wrapped around her and her eyes closed she fears the horrors of the many truths in the world, only opening them to look at the stars as they hold no secretes to hide.

Her wings quiver and shed luminous dust as the wind brushes her wings as she walks until she finally bares herself covering the surroundings in her essence.

Just wanted to put another picture out rather than wait till I have the sample bundle finished

Prints available…

Done in water colours
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