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Lumos- God of Light and Healing. He is mainly worshipped by Light Elves and clerics. He is the first son of the great sky god, Stratokus who bestowed him with his abilities. He is believed to be a kindly but just god to his worshippers and will lend his power to said worshippers to either heal the wounded and banish/smite creatures of darkness. He is also the god of lost travelers, using the stars to guide his worshippers to their destinations. He is portrayed as a tall, glowing elvish-looking man with pale blonde hair and orbs of light for eyes. His symbol, a sun-like sphere with four points surrounding it with the fourth extending into a beam downwards. His corresponding animals are the eagle, the ram, and the gold great dragon. An old myth about the first dark elves states they were worshippers of Lumos that betrayed him, to which he cursed them to have a weakened life force and they only survived by gaining favor with Gorathone, a god of darkness, theft, and evil.

Another installment of the pantheon. This page focusing on Lumos, one of the gods of light and a prominent figure in Light Elf culture, if not elf culture al together. He was actually very inspired, at least in look, by ~SLB-CreationS' buxom titan of light, Soletea. Some may also ask about the bird perched on his shoulder. Well, that's mainly because originally, the pantheon pics had their corresponding animals with them as well and Lumos was actually the first god that I did lines for. As such, he has the falcon on his shoulder. Please Enjoy.

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