Touhou OC RBD Phantasm stage boss - Iro no Kemuri Picture

RBD stands for "Rainbow Break Down", and it's the name of a Touhou fangame I invented (JUST the stages' boss, the game doesn't exist).

It's summer in Gensokyo, and it's a peaceful day... But suddenly all the things change colour: the sky is green, the sun is purple, the grass is yellow... Only the clothes and the people didn't (strangely) changed colour... Worried, Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya and Sanae decided to investigate.

RBD main menu theme: The Palette of the Seven Goddess
RBD ending theme: Drops of Paint
RBD staff roll theme: Great Adventures of a New Rainbow~Chromatic Dream


Phantasm stage's BGM tittle: Highway to the Galaxy~Forgotten Run
Kemuri's BGM tittle: Deadly Toxin of Andromeda
Phantasm stage boss:

Name: Iro no Kemuri

Species: unknown (forgotten) to earthlings

Abilities: creation and manipulation of pigments, dissolve completely or partly in toxic smoke

Spell cards:
-Creation of Colours: Primary Colours
-Deception: Metamerism
-Toxic Smoke: Nerve Gas
-Galaxy: Collapsing Multicolour Stars
-Poisoned: Tetrodotoxin (timeout spell card)
-Colour sign: Secondary Colours
-Constellation sign: Alpheratz, Mirach, Almach
-Great Mythology: Andromeda's Moan (timeout spell card)
-Absorbing Colours: Theory of Colourless and Chromaticity
-Pigment sign: Trillion of Colours and Shades (timeout spell card)
-Supreme Punishment: Ptomaine in the Infinity Universe

Age: unknown (at least 1.000.000 years?/immortal?)

Occupation: creation of new colours

Location: on Alpheratz (the brightest star in the constellation of Andromeda)

Relationships: Shira and Kura (first creations, stepdaughters, she gave her thei powers), Akai, Orenjiro, Kiiro, Midori, Mizuiro, Aoi, Murasaki (friends, she gave them their powers)

Character Title: A Small Pigment Surrounded by Poison

Description: Two-three weeks after the whole colours incident, a catastrophic stormbeat down on Gensokyo. The most strange and disturbing thing was that the rain seemed to be poisoned. Worried, the heroine starts to investigate, and discovered a more disturbing thing: the colour seemed to be disappearing, again! But this time it's not fault of the Niji sisters or a prank of Shira and Kura: everything became colorless. The heroine, convicted that the storm and this situation are connected, decided to go to the seven sisters' house, immersed in a total panic. Here she met Murasaki, that was going to go up to the space, to talk to a certain Iro no Kemuri. The goddess explained to the heroine that Iro no Kemuri is punishing her and her sisters for had a fight and for have mixed the colours by absorbing their powers and by the poisoned rain. Murasaki was angry and sorry for this, but she said to the heroine that she would never let her hurt Kemuri, that considers a mother, and attacks her. After being defeated, she understood the criticality of the situations and asked the heroine to save her, her sisters and the world.
The heroine, then, started to fly up to the space, and arrived in front of a big cloud of smoke: this cloud was the cause of the poisoned rain. Then, suddenly, a figure came out from it: Iro no Kemuri. She said to the heroine that the punishment is a good thing and that the sisters will be glad for this. She also said that she will creates new, better pigments for new colours, and seeing that the heroine doesn't agree, she attacked her.
After a long, exhausting fight, Kemuri decided to stop the rain and to restore the colours and the goddesses' powers. She said thanks to the heroine for have restored the colours some weeks before and she disappeared.
Iro no Kemuri is, along with Nue Houjuu, one of the most mysterious character in Touhou, because of her unknown spieces.
She's supposed to be VERY old, because she is the one who created the colours and the nine goddesses (Akai, Orenjiro, Kiiro, Midori, Mizuiro, Aoi, Murasaki, Shira and Kura): so, in a way, she may be considered their mother. Actually, Kemuri and the Niji sisters aren't blood related: in a very far away past, the seven sisters were humans, and they were friends with Kemuri, that decided to give to everyone of them the ability to control a colour.
The situation is different for Shira and Kura, that are, to all intents and purpose, Kemuri's first creations. White and black are two fondamental colours, and they had to be indipendent from her, so she created the two twins and she gave them the ability to control white and black.
One of the few things we know about Kemuri is that she was born on Earth and then she moved to the space, and she went on Aplheratz.

Fun Facts:
- "Iro no Kemuri" literally means "coloured smoke".
- Because of her age, her spieces and her powers, she may be the most powerful being in Touhou's universe.
-She may be the Great Nebula of Andromeda (because she can dissolves into smoke, maybe? XD)
-Her spell cards are based on colours, the constellation of Andromeda (along with some of its brightest stars: Alpheratz, Mirach and Almach) and some poisons (nerve gas, tetrodotoxin).
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