Mi Nuong Talon Picture

Mi Nuong has become one of my "main" secondary characters and is heir to the Talon throne. She is the daughter of Ruby and Hiss Talons, and is currently being romantically pursued by a newer Talon male, Misao. I have lovely plans for her. (:

Shit she was harder to draw than I thought.

'Kay, well this is... sorta how Mi Nuong Talon looks. Very, very big thanks to hawksmont for the free floral brushes; found out preeetty quickly I couldn't do the design of her fur on GIMP without them, ha ha. However her pattern is a bit more consistent than shown here, except her face. Otherwise though I think it's a pretty good representation of how Mi mainly looks. c: Hope ya like, and critique is always very warmly welcomed! ♥

© Mi Nuong Talon was created and is owned and role-played by Ozzkat. Do not duplicate, slightly edit, or use in any way.
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