The Break of Dawn Picture

Tribute to Daius - This Tribute occurs only at early dawn, meant to please Daius as he wakes from his night-time slumber. It is a feat of strength, speed and stamina, as Stryx and their riders race first on land, then through the sky. First, as the race begins on foot, riders run alongside their Stryx for several yards toward the edge of a cliff. Just before they reach this cliff, the rider must swing up into the saddle in time for their Stryx to take off. They then tuck their wings and race to the bottom of the valley following the cliff-face, before unfurling their wings, leveling out, and then climbing thermals and air currents as they crest the other side of the miles-long valley. After this, the race is on, and a course is marked for Stryx and riders to follow. Riders can be highly competitive during this Tribute race, and there is risk of injury and sometimes death, accidental or otherwise.
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