Khepri Picture

Khepera/Khepri is the name given by the Per Aa council to the ancient fire entity originally known as Lapolakh (in the language of Manglapronn, a planet destroyed in the closing years of the Topakhon Wars), also known by the epithet Surtur in the same events, as a main enemy to the Jotunn of Jotunheimr.

Here depicted with the same helmet as used in the audacious plans of inserting nuclear-based energy in the midst of Tredian society during the 16th century before Iesu, he also holds the Twilight Sword known to be held by him during the destruction of Jotunheimr and as well he has surrounding him his Xiuhcoatl weapon, a chain-bladed staff inspired in a kwan-dao, which he obtained during the Third Sun Era of Aztlán, as in the form of Xiuhtecuhtli, one of the three main gods of the Xiuhcoatl Empire.

Acting as a figure of change, he's been both a Pharaoh and a Khan. Now, as a monk in the midst of People's Republic of Haijian, he still has a major role to play. He plan still to make the planet embrace an endless nuclear energy, accompanying a new technological and rather technocrat revolution, and is supported by worldwide cryptocrat forces, ranging from philosophers to industrialists and military personnel.

Standing in the fortress of a colony in the satellite of Svartalfheimr, he's counting the days to unleash a massive wave of energy that will have the Xnobius magic stones activated, the Fire Ushabti awaken and the living beings forever transformed, to live in a planet as brilliant as a star (killing thousands of those 'not adapted' in the process). Between him and this upcoming inferno, there stands an unlikely figure to stop him, a wild Cuetzpalin...
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