Amaterasu: Kami of the Sun Picture

Among the gods in my world, is of course the most prominent and powerful. With Amaterasu being the Director of Human Relations within HEAVEN INC, she is among the most common for players to encounter.
The reason i chose her for this position, is simply because very few cultures in the world have as strong a connection to spirits and the supernatural as Eastern Asia.
She also happens to posses a few of the most powerful items in the game, The Kusanagi, a legendary sword given to her by her brother Susanoo after having banished Yamatanorochi to HELL LTD. The Yatanokagami, the celestial mirror used to quickly walk between the worlds of the lands of Earth, Heaven, Hell, Nedahk, and Neverland. And the Yasakani, the jeweled necklace that renders one completely untouchable by anyone affiliated with HELL LTD.

She is so disgustingly powerful that she hardly even warrants a character sheet. But i just might make one to screw with my players anyway.

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