TSS: Daine - Selkie Picture

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Name: Daine Fokias
Age: 19 Years
Gender: Female
Race: Selkie - Seal Form
Deity: -None-
Faction: Dargona
Rank/Occupation: Fisher Merchant
Dragon: -None but Looking-

Sara Fokias - Mother - Alive
Garlan Fokias - Father - Alive
Fig - Oldest Triplet Brother - Alive
Scout - Second oldest Triplet Brother - Alive

Physical Appearance:
Daine is a smaller Selkie, being a runt. Her pelt is Cream white with darker gray/gold colored spots. Her underbelly being that of a lighter shade of that same color. Her big blue eyes stick out like a sore thumb when being a seal. Her fur is still soft, and very furry, like that of a very young adolescent. The goggles she wears, also stayed around her neck as seal.

As a human, her skin contrasts her seal pelt. She has mocha colored skin, with dark chocolate hair that has a natural wave. She's small in stature as a human as well, often being mistaken as a child at times. Her bright blue eyes stick out even more, which she normally covers with her goggles around her neck. She normally wears a light sea green tube top dress, the skirt a darker color than the top. Dark leather bracers adorn her wrists. Her pelt, she makes into a skirt cover, keeping it in place with a silver and gold buckle. It doesn't pierce the pelt, as it's a very strong magnet. She never wears shoes. But, she does wear two seashell anklets. Her right foot is adorned by the pink shells. Her left foot is adorned by the blue shells.

Personality: Mischivious/Romantic/Creative/Inquisitive/Helpful/Secretive/Spitfire

Mischivious: Daine loves to create small amounts of mayhem. She loves to pull pranks, and will gloat about it too. She does this, to make sure that no one can take credit for her beloved pranks. She loves to creep up on people and creatures, to scare the living daylights out of them. She especially loves to trick people, thinking a maiden is calling out for help, and all they'll fine is a sun bathing seal. Her brothers taught her all these things while growing up.

Romantic: Daine is a hopeless romantic. She dreams of the day, of when her 'white knight' appears to sweep her off her flippers. Or feet. She ain't picky. She can easily fall for players, sadly, and think she's in love. Until they break her heart, that is. If there's one thing Daine hates, is when someone's playing with her heart. She gets easily hurt in feelings in terms of love.

Creative: With such a rich culture and mythology, it's no wonder that Daine is creative artistically when creating her fish stall. The types of fish she catches, she makes a picture with the color. Normally she'll make them look like different types of dragon, Leader, and other kinds of sea mammals. Even if it's not her stall, she can paint beautiful ocean scenery on canvas using water based colors. Those she keeps in her little hut, so that she is always reminded of home and the sea.

Inquisitive: Daine is a little busy body, and must know everything! She'll try everything to get the rest of the story. This is contributed to the fact of the male that once stole her heart, but turned out there was more to him then she knew. And so, she will pry into your past history. Sometimes she's subtle about it. Other times, not so much...

Helpful: Daine loves to help. If she see's someone doing something, she's always up to asking them if they need her help! She's stronger than she looks, though that's what she says. So if you are lifting crates, and she comes along and asks you if you need any help, it's normally best to turn her down gently. She means well, but can get into some big trouble upon letting her help.

Secretive: This is a trait most of her species seems to have. Which is a good thing, since they have to keep who and what they are a secret. After all, their pelt is expensive and wanted by many. That, and for females it's worse. Cause once their pelt is taken, then they are owned. Or in some cases, married, to the one who takes their pelt. And so, she always makes sure her pelt is with her at all times. And come bed time, she turns into a seal in a special fresh water lake found under her hut.

Spitfire: Daine is a spitfire at times, though it hardly shows. Unless she's angry or becoming stubborn about thing. She won't let anyone get away with anything if she could help it. When manning her stall, her prices are set and she won't barter. Not unless she knows the person is going through a hard time, and will let the price drop just for them. But even then, her prices are not very high.

- Fishing
- Creative
- Selling Fish

- Walking for a full day
- Running
- Her Heart
- Jerk Guys

- Lures
- Fishing Lines
- Fishing Pole
- Bait
- A small dagger
- Provisions; Bread, cheese, fish, water

- Two seashell anklets, one light pink the other light blue
- Coin Purse
- Traveling bag
- Blacksmith goggles

It's normal for a seal, to have around one or two pups. Rare is it, for a seal to have three. So it was a big surprise when a female gave birth to triplets. It was unheard of, and a surprise. And they understood why many thought it was just Twins. The smallest, and only female, was so tiny she was believed to not make it through the night. She was a stubborn little thing though, and proved to everyone what a little spitfire she was. She didn't give up, and gave her two bigger brothers a run for their pelt.

As she and her brothers grew, it was no surprise that she couldn't shed her pelt when the time came for Selkies. That was okay, since there were Selkies who couldn't. But Daine didn't like it at all, especially since her brothers could shed their pelts! So why couldn't she? She tried everything to try and shed her pelt, many of which she was stopped from trying to actually cut her pelt off on sharp stones. She didn't want to always be stuck with the flippers! She wanted to walk, run and play with her bothers!

As the time came closer and closer to their sixteenth year, Daine was starting to finally give up hope. Perhaps, she was meant to stay stuck as a seal. Never know what it was like, to speak in a different language other than seal. She stuck close to her father, following him whenever he went to fish. And she'd use her tail flippers to make a design in the sand and mud on the banks of where he fished with a pole. She was thinking of being human again... What it would be like if she could. She had closed her eyes for a mere second, before hearing a startled oath. She opened them, to see that her father was staring at her in surprise. Dain looked down, and saw she was covered in a cloak of seal fur... That mimicked her own! She had squealed happily, as her father helped with making her pelt cover her properly till he could carry her home. She was adamant however, on walking!

She had her father help her to her new feet, and started off slowly. She knew about weight distribution with her new body, having been studying others who could turn into a human. But she was wobbly, and allowed her father to lean on him. But she did it. And when she walked into the village while holding her father's arm, she was smiling brighter than anyone had ever seen on someone! Her brothers were proud, and happy, that their little sister could now change!

She learned how to write and read, and how to fish with a pole. She was a master at fishing with the pole. When she knew how to write, she started to draw. And then moved on to painting. Selkies loved her paintings of the sea and water, and fish and coral and reefs and the like. She would sell these at a fair price, keeping her best pieces to herself.

As she finally came of age, she was awaiting for her soul mate to finally come out of the wood work! After all, her parents told her how on their eighteenth year, they met and instantly fell in love. But nothing like that happened with her. No males seemed interested in her, due to her smallness. It was believed that she couldn't birth healthy pups, and thus was unwanted. But she didn't give up! She kept searching for that one male that could take her breath away.

One day, it happened finally! A young Selkie man made his intentions known to her. He courted her, and it was a lovely courting. He brought her flowers and fish, some shiny pebbles he found on the beach that made him think of her. He was even the one to bring her the goggles she wears constantly. It was going splendidly! The night finally came, where he proposed to her. Daine was estatic, and said yes instantly. Even though they'd only been courting for nine months. Her parents had courted two years before finally mating.

Her brothers though were less than happy. Something seemed off with the male courting their young sister. Because she was so in love, she never noticed the oddness of his mannerisms, as if force. Or the frown whenever she wasn't looking. But they did. So, the followed him back to his hut. Where it seemed he had his own harem. Normally, that wasn't an odd thing. Their own father had taken another wife, a sweet and kind thing. What was odd, was how all of them seemed as young as fourteen. Their sister looked close to that age, due to her looks. This was wrong. Selkies had to be of consenting age to get mated. Which was eighteen.

They ran back to tell their father. Who then told the council. Their mother, had to break the news to Daine. She was understandably upset. She was distraught to learn that the male, had a thing for young females no older than their half-brother who had just turned fifteen. Her heart felt like it was broken, and that nothing could fix it...

Then the strangers came, and she knew. She knew her love had to be from the main land! She bid her family good-bye, promising them that she'd send them a letter of how she was doing. And though her brothers were against it, they bid their little sister good-bye as well. She dived into the ocean, and headed out.

It was a long journey, especially by herself. She faced many dangers, such as killer whales and a shark or two. But she always was able to feed herself. Once on the mainland, everyone was celebrating the defeat of the Lava Lord. A Dragon. This gave her hope, to find one herself one day! But first, she had to start a living. She heard of the Dargona, and the good they did. She decided, that she'd help them further by supplying them with fish in the markets! Fresh fish! Not any of that yucky ones that other vendors claimed to be fresh!

Interesting Extra Info:
- Fish
- Dragons
- Fishing
- Any types of bodies of fresh water
- Painting

- Being called 'shrimp'
- Losing her pelt
- Crustations and Shell Fish; ie; Shrimp, lobster, crab, clams, ect.

- Daine's last name means 'Harbor Seal' in Greek
- She sells what she catches


-None so far-
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