KoL Tora Yuuji (official) Picture

Age: 15
Patron Deity: Ra, Egyptian God of the Sun.
Likes: Reading, cooking, and animals.
Dislikes: The cold, terrorism, and demons.
Weapon: Firebird Halberd.
-Ignites in tune with her pyromancy.
-Light as a firebird's feather.
-Flaming Rush.
-Holy Blaze.
Secret Skills:
-Heat Resistance.

Tora is actually a Phoenix incarnate after a resurrection anomaly occurred at the temple of Ra. When Ra saw this, he took her in and gave her a chance to have a normal life or the life of a soldier. She wanted both. Now, with a new purpose to live, Tora fights as a Valkyrie to protect what she calls her family while living the life of a normal high school girl.
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